November 18, 2012

4 Gay Guys, 3 Str8 Girls & A Beach House Part 3

 … A flabbergasted look fell on my face. I had suspected it was more than making out but I didn't know he was going to be this crazy about it. Kevin quickly jumped up in the air and very loudly was screaming, "YES I SKULL FUCKED EZRA! It was so hot! He ate my angry cock like a pro. I mushroom stamped his face! I jammed it into his mouth and he deep throated me. I skull fucked him good!" Kevin was excited, vibrant as he leaped up out of the bed and gyrated in the air. Bobby and I looked at him in bewilderment. Crazy asshole.
"So, um how did it look?" Bobby inquired knowing full well we knew what he was talking about.
"It looked bigger on the beach. It was ok, but his ass was to die for!"
"Did you lick it?" Bobby asked.
Kevin started laughing. "At one point I told him I gotta see that fucking ass, so I flipped him around so it was in my face, but he had shorts on. I started to lick his shorts and by the time I was done he had this huge wet stain on them. It looked like he sharted himself. Hahaha! I thought about snackin on his hole though." 
"I think at that point I wouldn't have been able to stop." Bobby said.
"I didn't want to come off that much of a whore, I had just met him. The blow job was good enough."
"So what happened then?" Bobby asked.
"Well we were all over the house. I was trying to avoid everyone. We ended up out on the porch. I came on my chest, he went and got me a paper towel and then I walked him down and then out." Kevin said this looking at Bobby knowing full well that Bobby didn't walk Ross out. "I'm classy!"
"Oh and something else happened!" Kevin said excitedly. "Benjamin had a black guy over! I saw the back of his head as he walked into Benjamin's room. It was like 4 in the morning. Secret slut I tell ya!"
Kevin gets up and walks into Benjamin's room I can hear them talking, "So did ya get penetrated?"
"Yes." Benjamin laughs. "Did you?"
"Haha no he just slobbed on my knob." Kevin said while laughing.

Last Day

Kevin was in a much better mood. His spooge release must have been a good one. After trying on my jockstrap and giving everyone a free show, he finally got ready for the beach. It was our last beach day. Benjamin stayed behind he said he wasn't feeling that great. We assumed it was all that ass pounding that did him in. While on the beach we waited for Tina to show up. She was still with her hot hook up and stuck there till he wanted to drive her back. Bobby even had to go, find her car and put money in meter. How she avoided a ticket I will never know. She ended up getting to us around late afternoon looking flustered. I realized she was the female version of Kevin. Kind of slutty, but kind of charming with a hint of comic relief. In just an hour she managed to spill her entire blue PowerAde in her designer beach bag soaking her wallet, get sand in her eye, trip on her own two feet, and drop her water ice on the sand. She was a hot mess. We had been on the beach a few hours and I was starting to get some nice color.

Kevin spent his afternoon making sand penises under the umbrella and talking about Ezra. It was to the point where I wanted to bury his head in the sand so he couldn't talk about him anymore. Seriously how many times can one person say "skull fuck?" It was "Ezra this, Ezra that, and Ezra ate my dick well." I had to keep reminding Kevin that Ezra wasn't his real name it was Adam, but he was caught up in his fantasy. Tina reluctantly left later that afternoon. She was heading to a friend's beach house a few hours away and she had a long ride ahead of her. Lola was trying to get a hold of Chad the guy she met the night before, but he wasn't responding to her texts. She was beginning to think it was all just a line and he was really there just to pick up a girl or perhaps he was bi and either one would have floated his bloat.
Crazy Bob
Through our entire vacation there has been one constant fixture… Crazy Bob. I've know Crazy Bob for awhile. He used to stalk James back in the day and that's why he was dubbed the name Crazy Bob. I know he knows who I am, but I don't think he knows my name. After all he was never into me, so he never stalked me. We saw Crazy Bob every day on the beach, every night out at the clubs, and through the week he started to talk to Kevin more and more. It started with just an awkward lingering smile and then turned into Crazy Bob following him into the water when Kevin went down to ride the waves. When we were on the beach he was never that far behind us.
Crazy Bob is attractive it's a shame he is completely loony tunes. He's an older gentleman with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. His skin is leathery from tanning and staying on the beach too long and you can clearly tell he is tannorexic. If he stayed out of the sun beds for awhile he would look better, but clearly a tanned appearance is just as much an obsession as the boys he stalks.
When Kevin was done making his proud giant sand penis he ran down into the ocean, Crazy Bob followed. Lola and Bobby placed their beach chairs down by the edge of the ocean to cool off and I just laid there soaking up the sun and watching the pretty boys play in the ocean from afar.

I could hear Crazy Bob and Kevin talking and Kevin laughing, but I couldn't make out exactly what they were saying. After a short time Crazy Bob headed back to the beach. He looked down at me and smiled as he walked passed. I turned my head and saw him stretch out on his towel a few yards away from our area.
Kevin ran up to beach and stopped were Lola and Bobby were sitting. I clearly heard him say, "Oh my god you guys Crazy Bob knows my last name!" If I could hear Kevin from a few yards away from me, I'm pretty sure Crazy Bob must have heard him as well! Kevin staggers through the sand and back over to me. He grabs his power ranger beach towel and towels off the water.
"You know I could hear you!" I said while looking up at him.
"You said Crazy Bob knows your last name."
"What!!! You heard that from here!"
"Yes and if I did then he did." I point my finger nonchalantly back in Crazy Bob's direction.
"Shit! He's gonna kill me and hide my remains in the sand!" Kevin awkwardly sits in his beach chair and looks back at Crazy Bob whom is stretched out on his beach towel facing away from the water.
"He's gonna shave off all your body hair and make a rug." I couldn't help but laugh.
"Jason it's not funny! While we were in the water he was checking out the little boys on the beach!"
"Yeah, he was pointing to one and said, "Check out him he is fucking hot!" and I was like um he's 12!!!"
"That's creepy. What did he say?"
"He just smiled at me and then asked if my last name was Matthews!" 
"Um, even creepier! How do you think he knows that?"
"He said we have mutual friends on Facebook. He's a creeper and a half. Oh my god he's gonna rip out all my teeth and put them in a jar next to his bed!"
"You gotta love the crazies."
"Never a dull moment!"
While back at the beach house we realized Benjamin wasn't doing so well. He looked worse. He said he had been throwing up ever since we left and couldn't keep anything down, not even water! I filled his water bottle up and placed it next to him on the sofa. He gave me a half smile. He looked so pale. Could he have gotten what Haley had? Maybe it was a stomach bug. They did share a bed some of the time when Haley was cold. We decided to leave him be. Hopefully he would be well enough to come out with us tonight. Lola, Kevin and I took a walk around town and walked along the boardwalk taking pictures and laughing at each other. I was so truly happy I didn't want it to end.

Benjamin was getting worse when we arrived back he was on the phone with one of his fag hags who was actually a nurse. They were talking for a few minutes and then I heard him scream, "LOLA!" Lola came charging in the room. Benjamin held the phone up and Lola grabbed it. Lola's facial expression looked frightening and in shock as she talked to the voice on the other end. "No Haley left the other day. I don't know. He's been throwing up all day. I think he has a stomach bug. I don't know. Ok, ok I will! Ok." She presses the end button on his cell phone.
"She thinks you're severely dehydrated and asked if I would take you to the hospital. Have you managed to keep anything down? Water? Anything?" She looks down at Benjamin with concern on her face.
"No. Nothing. I can't keep anything down." Benjamin's voice is weak and makes our heart sink.
"I'm taking you to the hospital! Kevin will you go with me to get my car?" Lola's car is parked more than a few blocks away in one of the few places where there is permit parking.
"Sure." Kevin nods.
"I'll keep an eye on him. Call me when you're out front I'll help him down the stairs." I said to Lola. She nods her head, grabs her keys and they are out the door.
I gathered a plastic bag in case he threw up on the ride and tissues for his face. Bobby interrupts my mental checklist running through my head, "Are you going with them then?" He asks.
"Yes he will probably need help down the stairs and I'll ride in the back with him in case he gets sick again. I need to grab a bottle of water."
"This is just crazy."I could see the fear on Bobby's face.
"He doesn't look good at all. I'll call you or text when we get there and if or when we know anything." Trying to reassure him, "He'll be ok. He is just dehydrated from the throwing up and all the drinking the last few days I'm sure hasn't helped." Bobby just nods.
Kevin calls my phone when he and Lola are out front. I gather up the water bottle, tissues and plastic bag and head out to the living room. Benjamin is sitting slumped in the recliner, his coloring has been all washed out from his face and his eyes are glossy. He has always been skinny, but now looks emaciated. He was the epitome of an Ethiopian poster child. Sally Struthers would have been advocating on his behalf.
"Are they ready?" Benjamin's voice was weak and as he stood his legs became wobbly.
"Yeah, I'm going to go with." I reached out my hand to help him, but he shakes his head.
"I'm ok." Benjamin starts walking slowly toward the door. I could tell he was weak and in pain. I followed behind him till we got to the door then I got in front just in case he fell. He took the flight of stairs down very slowly.
Lola already had her GPS fired up and ready to go when we got her in car. The closest hospital was 20 minutes away with traffic. I handed Benjamin his water.
"You guys just drop me off on the main drag I'll take a cab there." Benjamin murmured.
"No we are taking you all the way!" Lola said firmly. She was not to be trifled with!
Benjamin tried to take a swig of his water, but started to cough and placed the water bottle down to his side.
"You ok?" He turned his head and nodded slightly at me.
"How much further?" Benjamin asked.
"Five minutes or so." Kevin said while looking at the GPS.
"Pull over." Benjamin's voice was quiet and raspy. He looked at me and I knew he was going to get sick any second!
"Lola, pull over now!" I shouted.
Lola quickly gets to the side of the street she isn't even completely stopped when Benjamin flings his door open and continues to puke his brains out! We are in a neighborhood and I can see people walking on the sidewalk a ways in front of us. Boy are they going to get a lovely surprise when they finally get over here. Lola's car is parked on the side of the street directly in front of houses. Benjamin continues to expel any liquid from inside his stomach for a couple minutes. The sounds are hard to listen to and I'm glad we are taking him to the hospital. This is bad, really, really bad. I offer Benjamin a tissue when he finally sits upright. He is so weak he can barely shut the car door.

We finally arrive at the hospital. Lola pulls up to the ER drop off and Kevin helps Benjamin out and they head for the door, while Lola and I park the car. Upon entering the ER I notice a small line at the check in. "You guys can go now." Benjamin says with hazy eyes and a frown.
"No! We are going to make sure you at least get checked in." Lola says sternly.
The ER is busy. There's an overweight lady in a wheelchair in front of us crying and complaining about her leg. I think it must be broken. She's dressed in a stained t-shirt and plaid pajama bottoms. "My leg hurts and I'm hungry!" She yells as she reaches into her fanny pack to pull out a chocolate bar.
'Yeah that's just want you need!' The thought runs through my mind as she devours the candy bar and then yells at the check in personnel. "What the fuck is taking so long?" She screams. They finally get her checked in and she's wheeled away.
Benjamin walks up to the counter and we all chime in to explain what's wrong with him. The ER clerk hands him a clipboard with some papers and says, "Someone will be with you shortly." Benjamin walks over to the nearest chair and sits down. "Seriously you guys can go. I'll be here for a while. If they have to put me up to an IV to put fluids in me that's going to be a couple hours at least!" I had a feeling Benjamin had been through something like this before. I wondered how many hospital visits he actually had. "I'll be ok. I don't want to ruin your last night here. I promise I'll call or text you to keep you all in the loop." We protested, but Benjamin was set in his ways. He didn't want us to stay and part of me felt like he just wanted to be left alone. He told us he would just take a cab back to the beach house when they were done. We reluctantly left. It was hard to leave our friend at the ER.
The Last Night
It was after ten by the time we got back to the beach house. Just a quick touch up and wardrobe change later we all were ready to head out. A few cocktails are just what are needed to take your mind off things. I figured I'd drown my worry out. Hello gin. We went to Aqua first. Their outside bar was packed and the hot shirtless cocktail waiters were in full force.  We ordered our drinks from some foreign guy. I couldn't place the accent. Maybe Ukrainian? He was tall and muscular with pecs to die for. I wanted to lick his boy taint.
Everyone in Aqua seemed to have their own cliché. Everywhere you looked people were either coupled or standing in small group circles like a teenage boy circle jerk. This definitely wasn't the place for someone to come alone. I saw Daddylicious and his boy toy Ken walk up the sidewalk to the entrance. I hadn't seen them in a long time. Daddy looked buffer and Ken looked cuter. Ken sauntered over to me, leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. He smelled nice and was wearing a yellow shirt with a pickle on it. "Nice pickle." I said with a smile.
"It's juicy." Ken replied with a beaming smile.
Daddy said his hellos to each of us and stuck his hand through the unbuttoned part of my shirt and lightly played with my nipple as he leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek. "Where's your other friend?" He asked.
"Yeah, Bobby texted me and said he was sick."
"Oh we dropped him off at the hospital and then came out." I said without realizing how funny it sounded. 'Yeah we dropped our friend off at the hospital and now we are gonna party whoo hoo!!!'
"You dropped him off?"
"It sounds worse than it is ha ha."
"Well I see what your priorities are." Daddy points to my glass of gin.
"Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I need to drink and find a really hot guy. Besides he told us to leave and said he'd be there for hours. He wouldn't let us stay!" I said while laughing.
"You guys are such amazing friends." I could hear the sarcasm in his voice. I did feel guilty for leaving him. We all did.
Just then I receive a text message from Benjamin, "They are admitting me over night. I will call you tomorrow morning. Most likely take a cab back to house before check out."
I worry it's my thing and something told me it wasn't going to be that easy. 
Ok This Dude Has To Go!
Blue Moon's Friday night crowd was nothing like the previous days. So many new faces, so many new asses. I had switched to beer at this point. I figured tomorrow morning was going to be rough and I needed a semi level head just in case things fell apart with Benjamin being in the hospital.
Lola and Kevin were dancing together adjacent to me and I was dancing with Daddy, Ken and Bobby. I positioned myself in the middle so I'd be able to chat with each group without moving. Right behind Lola and Kevin there was this couple. She had pretty blonde hair and was short and he was taller with perfectly tousled blonde hair and green eyes. They kept smiling at Lola and Kevin.
I either thought the couple was straight and they thought Lola and Kevin were straight, they were swingers, the girl was a lesbian and thought Lola was cute (It's happened before. She's a carpet muncher magnet.) or the guy was gay and she was his fag hag. It turns out the latter was correct. They introduced themselves to Kevin and Lola. Their names were Tyler and Meg. Lola notices I'm watching the spectacle and she grabs my arm. "Get in there!" She commands. 
Tyler reaches his hand out to shake mine. He's very, very cute with just the perfect amount of facial hair and a boyish smile. He could easily be a boy band member. I introduce Tyler and Meg to the rest of the group. I could tell Tyler was right up Bobby's alley because he practically pushed me over to say hi to him. "So you all know each other?" Tyler asks me.
"Yeah we're all from Pennsylvania. Where you guys from?"
"Pittsburgh, Meg and I work together. We come out here every so often. It's a fun time. How do you all know each other?"
"Well Kevin, Lola and I used to work together. We no longer do, but stay close. Kevin is my best friend we hang out all the time." I point to Kevin and he smiles and nods at me.
"And how do you know the others?"
"I met Bobby through him." I point to Daddy. "And we are all friends."
"Oh that's pretty cool. When are y'all going back?" I realized he had a southern twang at this point, like he was originally from the south.
"Tomorrow morning is our check out we rented a house for the week."
"Oh, Meg and I are just here for the night we heading back tomorrow too."
We started dancing all together in our group. Tyler makes his way back over to Kevin and I couldn't help but think 'here's another one sucked into the Kevin homojo.' Kevin excuses himself to head to the bathroom and then he was going to buy me a beer at the bar since I was all out of money. Tyler asks if anyone would like to go outside for a cigarette and I notice Bobby says yes and follows him out. Bobby doesn't even smoke so I knew his game.
The Men of Bobby Bunny's Boudoir: Tyler

"I immediately raised my hand and went with Tyler because I wanted some time alone with him. So we went out and he offered me the cigarette and I said, "No thanks I don't smoke." with a big smile on my face then continued to say, "I just wanted to spend a little time with you".
 Meg came out on the patio eventually and I ended up talking to her for a while after Tyler went inside.  She told me he kinda had a boyfriend who lived in Pittsburgh so she doubted he was going to take up an interest in anyone out here tonight. When we got back inside however, I saw Tyler and Kevin dancing very closely. I told Jason what Meg had said then he nonchalantly warned Kevin, but then I saw them make out for a little bit anyway. Well I felt like I got punched in the stomach because I desperately wanted that to have been me kissing Tyler.
 The nice thing about my friendship with Kevin is that if we do chase after the same guy and one of us gets him we don't really get pissed or hold grudges. All's fair in love and war after all. Tyler then walked out the door with his friend and at that point I was ready to leave. I said my goodbyes and headed out the door. I was surprised to run across Tyler and Meg outside because I had assumed they had left. I passed them and said it was nice to meet them and then something unexpected happened.
Tyler grabbed my arm and said in a disgusted tone "Tell your friend the back of my throat is not a target for his tongue."
 I just stared at him and then said "Well then you should let me show you how a good kisser does it."
 He smiled very flirtatiously and I leaned over and gave him one hell of a long, hot kiss. When I pulled away from him he literally seemed in a daze for like 15 seconds afterward. Meg even commented that he wasn't opening his eyes. He told me how amazing that was and we ended up making out a little bit more. I told him I was going to be leaving and he did tell me that he was kinda seeing someone so it was probably best that I left like I was planning.
Although it was hard for me to leave him without giving him my number I felt like it was best as well. After all, how could I trust a guy who was kissing Kevin and myself while he was "interested in a guy in Pittsburgh" I just couldn't see me being relaxed with a guy who acted like that. I went back to the house 50% happy that I got to kiss this man and 50% sad because I felt such a magnetic pull towards him (more than any of the others) and I knew I would never see him again. It was a very bitter sweet way to end my Rehoboth Beach vacation."
Tyler was starting to annoy me and I was slightly pissed off at Kevin for making out with him even after he had learned he had a boyfriend. It wasn't until we got home later that evening that I learned Bobby also engaged in the antics as well. Lola said it wasn't Kevin's drama and it wasn't his fault the guy had someone else, but I see it as why put yourself in that position? Yes the guy may be an asshole and yes we don't know how his relationship exactly is. But when you find out someone else has someone else and you willingly make out (or cheat in some cases) it doesn't make the situation any better. You become just as bad as they are. And Kevin had already been down this road before. I guess this topic is extremely sensitive for me because I was cheated on and my ex did things behind my back. So it really is hitting home for me. Tyler had to go! For someone whom I initially thought was so attractive became the ugliest person at the bar.
Swinging Both Ways?
As we were getting ready to leave the bar for the last time we noticed Chad. He was the guy that Lola had bought home and made out with Thursday night. He was standing there talking to a guy. Lola immediately had a disgusted look on her face and said, "He hasn't answered my texts all day and he's here with another guy!! I guess the whole "I'm looking for my sister." thing was a line! He must be bi!" She was thoroughly pissed as she had a right to be. I'd be pissed too.
Chad was standing by the bar by the exit and as we started to walk by him he swooped in and grabbed Lola by the waist and pulled her away. I was waiting for her to smack him, but she pulled out her phone and showed it to him. I really need to learn how to read lips. Kevin and I gazed at them waiting for her to explode, but she never did.  And then she smiled and then she laughed. What the fuck?
Lola skipped over to us. She knew we were watching with "what the fuck" looks on our faces.
"You guys I had his number wrong in my phone! He never got my messages and that guy he is with is his cousin. He came back here just to see if I was out!"
I could see the look of relief on Lola's face. "Yay! Well that's good." I smiled at her.
"We are gonna hang out for a bit. Maybe walk along the beach. I'll see you guys later at the house."
Lola and Chad leave the bar holding hands. Oh breeders…
He's My Favorite
Kevin and I followed Lola and Chad out, but we were stopped by Jesus. Jesus's eyes lit up when he saw me.
"It's our last night here boo. You gonna miss me?" I asked him.
"Oh mees sad. Yes Iz very much miss."
He wrapped his muscular arms around me and pulled me close into a tender bear hug then lifts me in air. I wrap my legs around his waist and he gyrates in the air while screaming "You're my favorite!" I giggle and could feel my face turning bright red. He is just so cute. He puts me back down on the ground and fixes my shirt.
"Let mees see what ya got going on here." Jesus unbuttons another button of my shirt and spreads it open to reveal my chest more. He smiles at me and begins pinching a pulling on my nipples until they are hard and swollen. "Oh my gods I loves this." He says while smiling at me. Jesus's touch feels good and I wanted to sit on his face like he was a Lazy Boy recliner! He leans in and kisses me on the cheek goodbye.
"I hope yous comes next summer."
"Oh I'm sure I'll come way before that." I said with a smile. I'm not sure if he got my little joke.
On our way out and on to the sidewalk we are stopped by an older attractive couple. The one guys looks at Kevin, "I just wanted to say we think you're adorable! We saw you on the beach yesterday and today. It looked like you were having a blast out there!"
"I love riding the waves." Kevin responded
"Yeah, he's like a little kid on the beach." I chimed in.
"Well it's cute. I'm Tony this is Phil." Phil reaches his hand out to me and as we shake hands I smile at him and he says, "You're friend is cute, but you're cute too." I said thank you, but I can't help but feel he was just being nice. It was the "but you're cute too" that kind of ruined it. Tony hadn't taken his eyes off Kevin and he didn't even acknowledge me.
"How long ya staying in town and where ya from?" Tony asked Kevin.
"We leave tomorrow morning."
"Where ya from?"
"Pennsylvania, Allentown area." Kevin was keeping his answers short he was clearly not interested and he kept regarding me with an anxious look in his eyes. I think he was ready to go.
"We are from New Jersey and we come down here a lot. Want my number?"
"No thanks."
"Yeah I don't really see the point."
"Um ok…" I could sense the disappointment and frustration in Tony's voice. Maybe he wasn't used to people saying no to him. "Well it was nice meeting you."
"It was nice meeting you too, good night." Kevin started walking back to the beach house and I followed.
"So that was weird?" I said
"Yeah, like they were together. What were they expecting a threesome, a foursome? I hate couples that play. What's the point in being with someone then?" Kevin had a disgusted look on his face.
"I think Tony was for you and Phil apparently was for me."
"Yeah, gross."
"I think I'm ready for bed."
"I think I'm ready to go home tomorrow." Kevin smiled at me knowing that I wasn't ready to leave. I hated the thought of going back home.
I'm A Bottom I don't Pack
Bobby was just heading to bed when Kevin and I walked in, but he had to share with us his kiss with Tyler and how delectable it was before turning in for the night. Plus he had to rub it in that Tyler didn't like Kevin's kissing. After Bobby closed his room door and was off to dream land, Kevin and I made drinks. We still had a lot of alcohol left in the fridge. There was a lot to drink but I was up for the challenge.
We sat down at the kitchen table and then something occurred to me. "SHIT!"
"What's wrong?" Kevin looked at me puzzled
"Benjamin's in the hospital and I doubt he packed any of his stuff up. We packed earlier today, but he has been sick all day! What if he doesn't get out first thing in the morning? We have to pack his things up."
"Oh MMM GEEEE!" We grabbed our drinks and head for his bedroom.
I flicked the light on. The room smelled funny, of sweat, sex and throw up. It wasn't appealing and I coughed upon entering. Kevin walked in and opened Benjamin's closet.
"Holy shit he hasn't packed anything! Look at all these clothes!"
I glanced around the room and noticed nothing was packed up. He didn't even start. "Well let's get started. You start grabbing from this closet. I'll get his suitcase out of the hall closet and stuff he has in there. But first this calls for hard liquor. I need vodka!" I pour myself some more vodka and it was off to the hall closet.
Benjamin's suitcase was practically the same size as me. I struggled to get out of the closet. I placed it on the floor in the bedroom. Kevin was taking everything out of the closet and placing them on the bed.
"Look at all these clothes! Benjamin is definitely gayer than us!" Kevin joked.
"Some of these still have the tags on them. I wonder if he bought them when he was with Haley at the outlet shops?"
"He has some cute stuff here." Kevin takes a shirt out and lifts it up, draping it in front of himself.
"It's a shame we don't have time for a fashion show. It would be fun to play dress up."
Kevin giggles, "I feel naughty touching his stuff especially his underwear!"
"Not as naughty as I do." I grab a pair of Benjamin's boxer briefs and place them on my head.
"I don't think those were clean!"
"Shit! Now I'm gonna get crabs in my hair!" I said jokingly.
"No probably just get pink eye."
"I really like this shirt." Kevin picks up another shirt.
"You think he would miss any of these if they accidently fall into my bag?" I ask.
"HA HA I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to say it!" Kevin places more clothes on the bed and I transfer them to the suitcase.
"I'm sure he would notice after seeing us wearing his wardrobe out to the bar. I can hear him saying "Oh I have that same shirt." And then realizing where we got it from ha ha."
"We are so bad!" Kevin laughs.
"No we aren't we are such good friends. It's like 3am and here we are packing up shit for our friend. We are so giving."
I walked into the kitchen to grab a garbage bag. I figured anything that wouldn't fit in the suitcase we could put in bags. While in the kitchen I yell to Kevin, "Hey you better check the drawers under his bed in case there are clothes in there." Kevin lets out a shriek a minute later. I darted back to the room confused and out of breath. "WHAT IS IT!?"
"I can't ew I just can't!"
"There's a used condom in that drawer. I am not touching it!"
"We can't leave it in there! I'll take care of it." I run into the kitchen, grab a napkin and proceed to dispose of some guy's leftover seed bag. It stuck to the drawer as I tried to lift it out. "This is sooo gross. Benjamin owes me two drinks for this and maybe a dinner!"
After the closets we proceeded to look through the other drawers. We found Benjamin's bagful of condoms and by 'bagful' I mean bagful! How many guys did he think he was going to sleep with? I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps Benjamin was a former boy scout and he was just being prepared. At least we knew he was practicing safe sex. We also found anal douche, lube and chewing gum. At least he offered them something afterwards. After loading up the suitcase I couldn't get it to close!
"Mother fucker!" I yelled. I climbed on top of the suitcase and sat down. "Kev I'm going to need your help. I'm not good at packing. This is why I'm a bottom. The top does all the work!"
Kevin laughed. "But you are able to squeeze big things into a little area. You're a power bottom!"
"Once it's in there, it's fine." I wink at him.
"Yeah your big gaping hole! I'm surprised when the wind blows your ass doesn't play music."
"Hey if we have learned anything from this vacation, Benjamin is the secret slut and prefers huge black cock! I'm sure his ass plays music. Perhaps that's how he hypnotizing all these boys into his bedroom." We both laugh and as I sit on top of the suitcase, Kevin pulls the side zippers closed. "There all done!"
Waiting For The End
Lola came home and we went out to the living room to chat with her. "So how was it?" Kevin asked.
"We walked along the beach. It was nice." I notice her wiping sand off her legs.
"Did anything happen?" I asked
"We dry humped like middle schoolers!"
"I could tell from the sand!" I laughed.
"It wasn't bad. We rolled around in the sand a little."
"You want to see him again?" Kevin asked
"Yeah we talked about it. Said we would stay in touch. I like him he is very take charge. It's hot."
"Aw leave it to Lola to be the only one of to find love on vacation." I stated.
"Um excuse me what about Ezra?" Kevin asked.
"Ezra doesn't count he was just a trick. You can't say love and skull fuck in the same sentence."
"Sure you can! I LOVE to SKULL FUCK Ezra!"
"You're a mess!"
"Pretty much."
We ended up going to bed close to 4am. I was exhausted but couldn't shut my brain off. My mind was wandering all over the place and I was nervous about the morning and getting checked out on time. I hoped that Benjamin was better in the morning. I began thinking about the week we had here and all the memories I would be taking back with me. All I could do is wait for it to end. If only I could stop it from ending…
Goodbye Beach House
My eyes sprung open. I could hear Bobby on the phone. He was talking to Benjamin. I clambered out to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and Bobby appeared in the doorway. "Ok we have a problem!"
"What?" I asked.
"They are keeping Benjamin today. We have to find his car. I can take you and Kevin home, but I don't have a lot of room in my car. We'll have to pack Benjamin's car up with all your stuff. Just bring what you need now. He is gonna call me back to let me know where the car is. I figured I can follow you guys to the hospital, drop his car off that way he has it when he gets out and I'll take ya home."
It sounded like a decent plan. I wasn't crazy about driving Benjamin's car, but I knew Kevin wasn't going to. I'd just be a nervous wreck. I'm in a town I have never driven in before, driving someone else's car. I just hope I get us there in one piece.
Benjamin finally called us back with the car info. None of us knew where he had parked and we needed the other parking pass or else we would get charged another $100 for it. We had exactly 1 hour to find his car, load it up and get the hell out of here before check out.
We finally found his car parked on a side street. It took us 20 minutes to find it! After I drove it back to beach house Kevin and I loaded it up. I had no idea how I was able to fit in the back seat on our way down because Kevin and I completely packed the fucker. After loading up I walked back into our little beach house and climbed the stairs one last time. I checked each room to make sure we didn't leave anything behind and then finally I walked out on to the porch and sat on the sofa. I realized how much I was going to miss this place. My hands started gliding over the soft fabric of the sofa until I realized I was sitting in the very spot that Kevin had spooged all over with Ezra and then I wondered how many other people did that on it and that it was probably never cleaned. Ok time to leave.
"Are you coming?" Kevin asked.
"Maybe next year."
"Never mind let's go."
We made it to the hospital in one piece. The nurses aid had to put name badges on Kevin and I so we could go back to see Benjamin. He placed the sticker on my t shirt and made sure to pat it down over my nipple really well. He lingered just a tad too long. Kevin and I looked at each other as we followed him back to Benji. Benjamin looked better. He had regained his color. He was hooked up to a bunch of machines and an IV.

"How are you?" I asked.
"Better. They still can't figure out why I was throwing up and why I haven't been able to keep anything in my system. They think maybe it is just some sort of bug that needs to pass through."
"Maybe something you picked up from all the D up your A." Kevin joked.
"Yeah maybe it was from all that penetration." Benjamin said with a smirk.
"When are you getting out?" I asked
"I don't know yet. Probably not today."
"That sucks donkey dick. Well Kevin and I packed your car up. It's right outside in the ER lot. We just took what we needed so there's no rush in getting the rest of the stuff back. Just concentrate on getting better so you can ride more big black cock."
"I will." Benjamin smiled at us.
"I feel bad leaving you here."
"Aw don't you guys. I'll be ok. Haley is actually on her way back down to stay with me a little bit here.
"Good." Kevin said.
We hugged Benjamin goodbye and left.
Kevin and Aaron had been texting back and forth ever since they had met and even more so after Aaron, Rosie and John left on Wednesday.  I could tell that Kevin liked him a little. It was nice to meet someone on vacation who was from your area and who you could possibly see when you returned home. We all have had our fair share of assholes and to meet a nice guy for once was refreshing.  A day after returning home we all received a shocker, Aaron had texted Kevin:
"I need to tell you something."
"Um ok." Kevin responded anxiously.
"Ok it's cool you can tell me."
"I have a boyfriend. I wanted to tell you on the beach but I was nervous and stupid."
"Oh ok." Obviously Kevin is in shock.
"Kevin I really, really like you. I want to be friends with you but it got flirty and I got stupid. I'm sorry if I lead you on. I'm a nice guy who was on stupid vacation."
"I guess you're like all the other gay guys."
"Kevin for the record all I did was flirt with you nothing more. I talked to you like I would anyone else. But I can see what you might have looked forward too. Again I hope you can forgive me."
"You don't think what you did was wrong, but it really is! You wanted to come back to the beach house with me and you talked about making plans when we got home! You need to be upfront with people, you should have told me you had a boyfriend. That would have been the appropriate thing to do."
"You are right I should have told you, but we didn't do anything but talk. We didn't sleep together or the like…"
"Like I said it's cool. You're the same as 90% of the gay community. No shock. So just delete my number from your phone. Now you're just gonna be some random 10 digit number in mine."
Their argument got even more heated after that. I'm not sure what Aaron expected. Was he hoping Kevin would just be some thing on the side? Aaron didn't know that Kevin had already been down that road before. This was a very sensitive subject for him and I know he didn't want history to repeat itself. It got to the point where Aaron was texting Bobby and I telling us our best friend was crazy. I don't know why he thought we would take his side over our friend. I am the biggest advocate for monogamy. I have zero tolerance for liars and cheaters. Despite how unhappy you are in a current relationship it is never a good idea to lead someone on. If Aaron would have been upfront with Kevin about his relationship from the beginning this would have turned out differently. Why did he keep it a secret? Why did he have to be shady? The relationship may be complicated, but the truth isn't.
Being home is weird. Every day at 10 am I wonder why I'm not at the beach and every night at 10 pm I wonder why I'm not at the bar. It has become an adjustment. Kevin on the other hand was excited to get back. He had missed his FleshJack the most of all and couldn't wait to fuck the shit out of it when he returned home. He even texted me after the first time he used it while being back. We over share a lot in our friendship, but it works.

Bobby was happy. He had fulfilled his make out/cuddle with guys quota on vacation and was satisfied with himself. Although I know he will miss the guys I'm sure he is happy to get his life back to normal. I could tell he missed his house, his bed, his cat and Golden Girl marathons.
Benjamin survived the hospital. He was back to being a sausage jockey within a few days and dropped our stuff at Kevin's house. He had repaid me for the used condom incident and bought me a couple drinks while we were out. He hopes if we go next year he can find his big black guy again.
I wasn't happy to be back. My beach life just felt relaxed and easy. The thought of being back at work actually made me sick and the thought of not seeing these people every day made me depressed. I knew I would miss everyone. I realized something while being with everyone, I love my independence but I love these people. I could live with Kevin. He made me laugh every single day. All of us actually got along great. No matter what the drama was or how drunk we got, we all got along. And when one friend was in trouble we all worked together to figured it out. I realize these people are in my life for a reason and I think they always will be. I'll never forget that beach house and this vacation. Next year we will make new memories.

The End...