December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays


I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. Please be safe out there, especially if you decide to bust a nut. Just remember Santa is always watching and he will spank the bad boys.
What am I saying? You all would probably enjoy the spanking... dirty fucks. 

Lots of fun stuff coming next year! New posts, new books and new adventures.

Have the gayest holiday season ever! Love you all!

Make good decisions,

December 15, 2014

PrEP by Walter Moore

PrEP stands for “Pre-exposure Prophylaxis” and is a measure that has recently been approved for HIV- individuals to take, that are at a high risk of contracting HIV, to lower the risk of them contracting HIV. Whether it is from being very sexually active or for those who are negative and in a relationship with someone who is positive. 

I bring up PrEP (which the medication given is Truvada) because, although I am not at this current time in a relationship with an HIV+ guy, I am in love with an HIV+ guy. He is in love with me too. 
We are not officially together, because I believe we are both afraid that the other won’t be around a year from now. Taking the step to get on this medication is my way of showing him that I am dedicated. I want to be around here a year from now… even 10 years from now. 

As a gay man, I think the idea of having a medication that can lower the risk of catching HIV is amazing! As a gay man, I love the fact that there have been so many advances in medicine that can extend the lives of HIV+ individuals to normal a length. 

I am negative. I get tested every 3 months and recommend everyone do so! Especially those who deal with sex addiction, as I do. Let’s get serious for a moment, okay? Being that we are gay MEN, are we not horny a lot, if not all of the time. It’s time we accept the fact that we are all horny too much for our own good. 
I mean I am 24 and my numbers are in the 100’s! There are many reasons as to why I have had sex with some many different guys, but you can read about that another time. 

I’m sure a lot of you are reading this thinking, “Damn ‘in the 100’s’? You’re a whore!” And you’re right, partially. But now I’m not, I have dealt with my demons and bottles that have caused me to think I need to have sex a lot to feel wanted. 

Since you’re probably reading this and thinking negatively about me, I am writing this and thinking are you able to judge me? Are you perfect? Have you had sex with one person and only that one person? Have you only had sex with your boyfriends? If that’s so, answer this question for yourself, have you had many boyfriends? And how many people have they had sex with? Once you think of it like that, it gets somewhat scary doesn’t it?

That is why I think Truvada for negative people is an AMAZING idea! Now it’s not 100% a guarantee to keep you from becoming positive. That’s because nothing in the medical field (which I work in) is 100% every time. Every medication works and affects each person differently.
However, isn't it worth a try? I’m sure at least one of you is like me, in love with someone who is positive while you’re negative or vice versa. I think this drug is worth it, so should you. 

If you want to look into it, the CDC has lots of information about it, but a couple of specific links you can check out our:

You can also check out my blog at to see how my experience with it goes when I get started. 

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great day, a blessed holidays, be safe, and don’t forget to tell your loved ones you love them every day!

Written by ~Walter Moore

December 2, 2014

I Like My Men Like I Like My Coffee

I am hardly a morning person. I hate mornings. Alarm clocks should never go off before 8:00am. Sadly, mine goes off at 3:00am some days.

Every morning regardless of the time, the first thing I do is clamber out of bed, adjust my morning boner, contort my body in some sort of yoga pose (Downward Bending Bone) in the bathroom so I don’t piss in my face (I’m not into that), and pour a cup of heavenly warmth; my old friend… coffee. 

Then I stumble back into bed, back under the covers to drink that cup. I usually have about three cups before I am able to converse with the human population and even then, it’s only grunts or “yes” or “no” answers. It’s a process.

Therefore, the best part of waking up really is the coffee in my cup, BUT let’s bring my love of men and coffee together! I like my men like I like my coffee… hot, strong, with a dash of cream and in my bed.

How do you take your coffee?

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