August 24, 2010

Gay Types?

Is there really such a thing as a type? Some Mo's will argue with this and say "YES, my type is jock built with a six pack who likes to top." Other Mo's will say "NO, I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done," so yeah they will hump anything that moves. AND yet there's some Mo's who just seem to have that "It factor." Apparently they are everyone's type. No matter what they do to their hair or to their body everyone just seems to love them. My Friend Kevin has this "It factor" or mojo (homojo). I don't know exactly what it is. He could go days without showering or shaving, gain like 20 pounds and yet guys just seem to flock to him. AND he still manages to look cute. I'm tryin to decode what it is exactly that guys love about him. Gee maybe if I can figure it out I can bottle it up and sell it on the street for nice price or at least exchange it for some drinks. When I talked about "types" with Kevin he said, "Types always change. People whom you weren't attracted to before, you grow to like." I kinda hope Kevin is correct. I'm going thru something similiar where I know I'm not the person's "type," but I really like him still. I guess only time will tell or how many drinks are in his system at the time whether anything will happen or not. Maybe everyone starts out with a type as sort of a guideline, something to follow. Afterall you always need a starting point. Whether you are a top, bottom, gay, bi, tri, big, small, black, or purple there's someone out there somewhere that is just gonna find you sexy. I guess the moral of story is, if he isn't exactly your "type" but there's something there you like give him a chance. He may end up surprising you and you may end up liking it.