December 20, 2010

Bad Decisions

One of my favorite things to say to my friends has always been, "Make good decisions!" No matter how many times I say it though to certain people they still aren't making good decisions. Whether it's alcohol playing it's part or hormones taking over, some people just don't learn.

The weekend started off like any other. Andy called me to find out if I was gonna go out. (like he usually does) We had plans to exchange gifts and he just wanted to hang out. I had gifts for Bobby and Stalker as well so it was the perfect time for all of us to get together. The "I Love Kittens" mugs I bought for all of them at the dollar store were taking up to much room on my desk. (haha just kidding)

Candida's Bar had a decent crowd, but lots of old men. It was like being at an all you can eat buffet and they just put out crab legs and shrimp. (yeah we were the crab legs and shrimp and getting stared at alot!) The bar area was alittle crowded and Bobby squeezed his way in there to get his drink. After he was done it was my turn. I ordered my drink and drinks for Andy and Stalker. I could feel someone behind me and at first I thought it was one of my boys, it wasn't! This creepy guy in a red sweatshirt apparently was sitting at the bar where I was standing and had just gotten back from the bathroom. I of course apologized for taking his spot and moved over as much as I could so he could sit back down. He looked at me with a crooked smile and said, "Hey there, no need to apologize at all. Seriously no need to be sorry cutie." I could have thrown up in my mouth! It felt like it took a week for the bartender to get our drinks. I could feel this creepy guy staring at me! He tried hitting on me and totally pulled a Wendy Williams "How you doin'?" at me. Get me outta here. The creepy guy watched me leave and looked like he was going to continue his attempt at picking me up until he saw me with Andy and Stalker. Bobby started laughing and said "End Scene! You totally thought it was one of us behind you!" I said, "Bobby its not funny he totally invaded all my personal space. Such a creepo!" Stalker reached over and pinched my ass. I looked at him and said, "You're lucky that was you! I was ready to smack you." First Bad Decision: Pay attention who is around you and where you are standing!

Stalker's ex was out at the bar. I've met him a couple times and I  think he is a total tool. One time Mr. Toolbox even tried to sleep with Andy! When Andy said no and that he wasn't like that, Toolbox got all pissed off and just left. Stalker was wondering if he should say hi and maybe buy him a drink. I looked at him and told him, "Boo, don't do that he is an asshole! He isn't worth your time." BUT as we walked back to go into the other room Toolbox grabbed Stalker and they started talking. I just kept walking and shakin my head. "This isn't going to be good!"

After some drinks, dancing and picture taking, we left. It was colder than Frosty's snowballs outside so we just exchanged our gifts and planned to open them when we got home. Stalker had picked Andy up on his way so he had to drop him off. I told Stalker and Andy "to make good decisions." When I got home I had texts on my phone from Andy. I had made him a special batch of low fat cinnamon oatmeal and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Andy had texted me to say how good they were and when I got home I was to open his present. He got me this cute pink frosted margarita glass that says "Bitch" on it. I totally love it! He did good. Andy said he thinks after Stalker dropped him off he then went over to Toolbox's house! It was like 3am and I could tell on Grindr Stalker was still in the area. Ut-O bad choices!

The next morning I woke up to texts from Andy saying that his mom and sister were eating his cookies and that his mom thinks I'm adorable because she saw the card I had given him and the PJ bottoms I bought for him. Second Bad Decision: Don't let your family know you have homemade cookies or they will eat them all! I texted Stalker to make sure he was ok. He said he didn't want to talk about it. Things didn't feel like they were in his control and it was something he'd rather just forget. Third Bad Decision: Once a tool always a tool. "Redo's" are bad!

Saturday night Kevin and I were invited to a Christmas party at our friend Harold's. Before the party even started I had this bad feeling in my stomach. Kevin's ex was going to be there. He was the one that had a boyfriend of a 11+ years and just wanted Kevin to be his "side piece," but Kevin wanted more and broke up with him. No cake and Twinkie too! I know his appearance at this party wouldn't be good for Kevin. It seems everytime he is around Kevin always makes bad decisions. He becomes possessed by this humping gay monkey. Through most of the night Kevin and The Ex kept their distance then alcohol set in and they started talking. I of course being the over protected best friend I am said this to The Ex "You have to knock this shit off it's not fair to Kevin and it's not fair to your boyfriend! You have to choose and just make it better. Stop playing with my friends heart!" He actually agreed with me but after I said that my friend Allan grabbed me and dragged me away. I know I shouldn't get involved but I didn't trust leaving them alone with each other. Allan said to me, "Leave them alone and let them work it out." I looked at him and said, "Allan I don't trust him! And you should talk! Why don't you go home to your boyfriend and work out your problems! If you were my boyfriend they would have found your remains buried in my backyard!" Yeah I got pissed.

Some time passes and I'm ready to head home. I find my jacket which happened to be the guest room where I found Kevin and The Ex cuddling on the bed. Yeah this had "bad decision" written all over it. I gave Kevin a hug goodbye and I even hugged The Ex because I thought well maybe what I said had some weight to it. I got home at 6:30 Sunday morning. I woke up to my ringing phone at 11:40 it was Kevin. I had asked what happened, he said he couldn't remember anything, he was running late for work and he couldn't find his underwear! He said The Ex left before he even woke up. There's a shocker!!! Once an asshole, always an asshole! I said, "OMG! When I left you, you both were fully clothed and just were cuddling on the bed." (He didn't even really remember me leaving) Fourth Bad Decision: Drinking from 7:45 to 5am isn't good especially when there's an ex boyfriend around you still have feelings for! I knew it  going to be bad.

Later on after I nursed my hangover from hell and I asked Kevin what he planned to do about The Ex situation he said, "Nothing! We just hooked up. I don't want anything out of it." Which is a lie if things were different I know he wouldn't say that. I know Kevin pretty good. Perhaps though it's best he just tries to forget that anything happened and moves on. Kevin is a wonderful person and a loyal friend. I'm upset he put himself in this situation, but making bad decisions like these helps a person grow and shape who they will be when they are older. He is young yet and will make lots of mistakes (as will I) but it still bothers me to see my best friend hurt.

So lets see lessons were: Watch where you are standing in a crowded gay bar because you never know what creepers are afoot. Hide the cookies or you'll have to share them. Sex with an ex is never good. Just use your hand and avoid the drama. Drinking all night only leads to a hangover and regret later. Put your name in your underwear in case someone finds them. AND Remember to try to always make good decisions!