December 19, 2011

Maybe You Don't, But "I Do" By George

Gay marriage. I hear there’s a big political scuff over this, and the Republicans are practically pledging allegiance to eliminating us off the face of the Earth. It’s kinda funny, cuz former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter is a very out and about lesbian, and when asked his opinion after being out of the White House, he quite frankly had no problem with the idea of gays getting married.

I don’t follow any of the political stuff, because quite frankly after I listen to politicians speak (about anything), I just want to bang my head against a wall and get my passport renewed for a one-way trip to Canada (eh?). It completely baffles me why people put so much energy and money into oppressing the homosexuals.  Seriously, we just want the same rights as the breeders. Their lives won’t be inconvenienced any because we get married. In fact, their lives are being inconvenienced even more by them making a stink about it.  Give us what we want, and we’ll leave you alone, it’s that simple.  Let us get married, and you can go back to fucking the maid, everybody wins!!

The thing that really works my last nerve is these people who rattle off the Bible verses like it’s the alphabet. Blah blah blah man shall not lay with man blah blah blah.  Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor as thyself?” They just like to observe certain excerpts. I’m sure we could pull out a few excerpts that pertain to the breeders and the things that they shouldn’t do: pre-marital sex, cheating on one’s spouse, child abuse, making illegitimate babies, and so on and so forth. Bob Barker should give all the homos a new car for helping control the population, well….minus the few lesbians out there that decide to make babies. And since when, all of a sudden, is the Bible the way we run government? Don’t we base that on the Constitution? At least that’s what I learned in school. You love the Lord? Great! Some of us don’t, or not to the extent that you do or to the point that we exploit it and make it a key focus in our political campaign.

I certainly don’t believe that the entire country sides the same way as the politicians. Granted, there are some demographics that are a bit, how should I say, lop-sided leaning towards the “we hate gays” side.  It’s the 1% of the richest people in this nation that make all the decisions; it shouldn’t be whatever percentage it is that the gays can’t get married. I’m not partnered up or anything, but one day I would like to be, and would like to be able to see my partner in the hospital if he’s on his deathbed. Just imagine if the breeders were denied to see their life partner, just once, taking all the biblical and political and everything else that contributes, out of the equation. Just once be disallowed to see the one you sleep in the same bed with, just because somebody else says it shouldn’t be allowed. Bottom line: put the shoe on the other foot, and see how quickly one might change their mind for us gays who just want to be accepted in the rest of society.

~Written by: George