June 13, 2012

Ménage à trois Misconception By Kyle Higgins

A conversation with some people really close to me has led me to this realization. I presume most people have heard the term "ménage à trois" but I also presume that most people have the wrong definition of what it is. It would seem that the majority of people believe that a ménage à trois is just a fancy way to say a threesome. This is actually quite wrong and I am happy to clear it up.

While threesomes do play a major part of the ménage à trois, it is far more intense than that. A ménage à trois is an exclusive relationship between three people. The ménage à trois pretty much follows the exact same rules of a normal relationship except it is three people all dating each other and only each other. To date or sleep with someone else outside of the three would be considered cheating. The ménage à trois involves all three doing activities together both in and out of the bedroom. Dates, restaurants, going to the park and yes, threesomes. It also involves any two people doing stuff together without the third as long as the third knows about it. And that involves sex too.

The most common form would seem to be two women and one man or two men and one woman but all male and all female ones do exist too. The point of a ménage à trois is love. Three people completely in love with each other. I have never been in one but I think it would be an unreal experience. I can't imagine loving two men with such intensity and have the two of them love me. I'm not saying it's better than the traditional relationship and I'm not saying it's worse. It is simply just a matter of preference and what works for the individuals involved.

~Written by
Kyle Higgins