August 24, 2012

4 Gay Guys, 3 Str8 Girls & A Beach House Part 1



The three and half hour car ride turned into a four and half hour one. The traffic on the Costal Highway and Rehoboth Avenue was insane we were stuck in it for about an hour trying to reach our destination, our new home for seven days. The closer we got to the ocean the less humid the air became. I could practically taste the salty water as I inhaled the beachy air. It would have been perfect too if Kevin wouldn't have just farted. I choked a little and as my eyes were tearing up, I yelled at him, "Oh my god! You could have warned me. It's like I can taste it almost! I think you sharted!" Kevin just looked back and laughed. We packed Benjamin Kennedy's car to its fullest! It felt like a clown car. There was just enough space in the back for me to sit and that was it. Benjamin had offered to drive Kevin and I down which was awesome considering neither one of us wanted to drive. I offered him road head, but Benjamin said he'd just take gas money. He had the biggest car out of the three of us, so it made sense and he packed his Saturn to the brim. I had a brief thought as I watched him pack stuff into the car, 'wow Benji is either a really good power bottom or a really good top. Hmm… I'll go with power bottom!'

The stop and go traffic gave us ample time to scope the area. Everything appeared to be fresh and new. I hadn't been to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in almost 5 years and this was Kevin's first time here. He stuck his head out of the passenger side window the way a dog or excited small child would do. As we passed the different stores and restaurants he said, "Hey there's a super cute liquor store! Look a super cute seafood place! Super cute Arby's! There's a super cute pizza place! Super cute library!... Wait why the fuck is there a library at the beach? It's called vacation people!" I guess Kevin couldn't comprehend the notion that perhaps people read books on vacation. I thought maybe I should have brought a picture book for him to look through when he has one of his A.D.D. moments.

The Beach House

Our beach house was nestled above a "super cute" gift shop on Baltimore Ave. It was a block away from Blue Moon and about two blocks from Aqua (both gay bars). If you walked to the end of our street it ran directly into the boardwalk. Poodle Beach (the gay beach) was a little hike at the very end of the boardwalk, (between Prospect and Queen Streets, go figure) but the 10 minute walk wasn't too bad.

Benjamin parked his car in front of the meter at our new place, so we could start to unload everything. Bobby appeared around the corner with a huge smile on his face. He was eagerly awaiting our arrival. Bobby had arrived in the area the night before and stayed with Daddylicious and his twink Ken. He was the first one to get our 'check in' materials and the first one to be in the house. I grabbed a couple bags and followed Bobby. He led me to a door on the side of the gift shop. As he swung the door open I noticed a long set of carpeted stairs that lead up in almost an 'L' shape to a frosted glass door. He left the frosted glass door slightly ajar and pushed it open with his feet. I followed him in. Directly in front of me was a long hallway. To the right was a blue bedroom with a bathroom connected to it. It had a beach look to it and felt cozy. "That's my room." Bobby said with a smile. Down the long hallway lead to a living room with a couch, recliner and enough floor space to set up the airbed I had brought for the girls. I walked back towards the frosted door and made a sharp right through a doorway. Directly on the left was a single room with a twin bed. It was painted yellow and the bed frame had drawers connected to it. It was very small but cute. "That's Benjamin's room." Bobby said. Straight ahead of me was a small kitchen and another door which lead out to a screened in porch that ran the length of the house. "I figured you and Kevin would like this room. It's the biggest and has the biggest bed since there are two of you." Bobby said as I followed him around the corner. On the left there was another bathroom and next to that there was another door. I walked through the door and it revealed a pretty decent sized bedroom. The walls were painted yellow which matched the rest of this part of the house and the bedroom furniture had a country rustic look to it. It wasn't beach inspired at all and actually felt out of place. The walls were adorned with loose sketches of the naked female form. They weren't inappropriate, just abstract looking. You couldn't make out any detail lady bits. The room reminded me of something lesbians would enjoy. The king size bed had a solid wooden headboard with an open metal leaf pattern. I instantly thought, 'Damn I wish I would have brought my handcuffs!' Then I noticed part of the open metal leaf pattern was broken and perhaps someone had the same idea as me and broke the headboard!

Kevin trailed in shortly after looking nervous and excited. He did a belly flop on the bed and I sat down next to him. Our bed was very high and actually if it would have been any higher I probably would have needed a stool to get into it. He started humping the bed saying, "Bam, bam, bam! This will do!" I looked at him, "No sex in our bed! You take your tricks outside!" I scolded! "I know! I know! Don't go all evil ginger on me!" He said with a laugh. And on that note Bobby turned around and walked out of the room. I will admit that I was slightly anxious for this vacation. This would be the longest any one of us had spent together. Kevin and I get along fabulously and I think it's because he makes me laugh so much that even if I were angry at him I could never stay that way for long, but the max we have ever spent together was three days. I could just picture myself wanting to bury his body in the sand during high tide with only his head showing, while he is screaming, "I just licked sand!!!" But then he'd say something stupid, making me laugh and I'd want to unbury his body.

Haley arrived shortly after we got there. She's the first girl. None of the girls that were invited could actually stay the whole week so we alternated them like members from Destiny's Child. Haley and Benjamin actually had a history. They were college sweethearts and practically were married. Benjamin is from England and came here for schooling. After he graduated college he got a job here and actually received his American Citizenship years later. Now he works in politics traveling from Philadelphia to New York and Washington D.C. and of course now he is 100% gay! It's doubtful if Haley was the one to turn him gay because I don't believe in that. He was gay the whole time, just not out. I did joke with her that Benjamin went from pounding vaginas, to getting pounded up the ass. She said, "Gee, Jason thankx for the self-esteem boost!" Haley isn't the only one in our house that has history with Benjamin. Kevin and Benjamin had hooked up a couple times. Both encounters involved drunken mishaps of one getting kicked in the face by the other and one falling off the bed completely. They laugh about it now and I feel it has actually brought them closer as friends. Kevin joked, "Yeah Haley, you and I both slept with Benjamin!" Haley's response, "AGAIN! Thankx for the self-esteem boost!"

Creepy Benji!

Bobby, Benjamin, Haley, Kevin and I hit up Aqua first for drinks and eye candy. The bar itself looks like a shack with a big deck and one side actually had sand on the ground. All the bartenders and servers were shirtless, hot and most of them straight. Haley was enjoying herself looking at all the hot men that she actually had a chance with. She photo bombed a bunch of people. As happy people eagerly snapped photos of friends Haley nonchalantly posed in the background looking fierce. Only one guy actually caught her doing this when he checked his digital camera all the others were too drunk to notice this random girl in all their pictures.

Benjamin being a lightweight and drinking before we left the house started to become increasingly drunk shortly after we got to Aqua. "Jason you're my favorite right now!" Benjamin said with hazy eyes and slurry speech as he hugged me. He started to dance with me, with random people, with the shadows on the wall and stared down a shirtless guy with a blonde afro while saying, "I want him! I WANT HIM!" Benjamin became Creepy Benji when he stood by the doorway bobbing up and down with his eyes partly open, smiling, pointing at people and giving them thumbs up. He was on a mission to find a guy and it was a side Kevin and I had never seen of him before. A white van with a "Free Candy" sign on the window would just complete the image.

It's Kismet

After a few drinks at Aqua we headed down the street to Blue Moon. It was beyond packed like a twink getting double penetrated. Haley and I got separated from the other boys for a bit. After she got us drinks and helped a random girl carry drinks to her friends outside we tried to make our way through the crowd to find the others. Hands were groping my ass and sweaty chests were in my face. It was the most action I had received in months. Haley was spilling her wine everywhere even a little down my back, but it was white wine (thank god) and felt nice on my skin in the humid room. When you first walk into Blue Moon there's a small bar then a doorway that lends into a larger room. The larger room has a bigger bar and dance floor complete with big screen TVs all around the perimeter. The ceiling is a huge skylight that they actually will open. You can dance under the stars and the moon. It's actually very cool.

Haley and I found the other boys up against the bar. Kevin pushed his way through the crowd to us and said he had to use the bathroom which was back towards the entrance and felt like a mile away with all the dancing fairy obstacles. I told him I'd wait for him by the door way which lend into the dance floor so we wouldn't get separated again. Kevin headed back towards the entrance and disappeared in the sea of scantily clad sweaty men to be never heard from again. (Just kidding.)

The line to the bathroom was ridiculous and only two people could go in at a time. There were only two urinals butted up close together in the small bathroom. And by butted up I mean they were literally on top of each other with no privacy at all. If you're into watching a stranger piss next to you it's the place to be. Plus with the line out the door the entrance to the bathroom was open so everyone in line could see you pee from behind. The person next to you at the urinal was getting a golden show while the people in the line could admire your ass and underwear depending how low you let your pants hang.

Kevin made a friend in line and they casually chatted while waiting and bitched how crazy this whole thing was. When it was their turn they went into the bathroom together. Kevin can be a little pee shy especially if he isn't intoxicated enough and in this situation I don't blame him for being pee shy. He stood at the urinal next the stranger, but nothing was happening. "I'm really sorry, but I have to." Kevin said as he cocked his head slightly to one side with a half smile and then let out the loudest fart ever! After releasing the nervous gas bubble he sighed in relief and was able to finally relieve himself. The stranger just laughed. "It's ok if you have to too." Kevin said. "Oh what the hell!" The stranger said and let out a little gas build up. "Really? That's it!?" Kevin asked. "Hold on!" The stranger said as he released a louder fart which was equal to Kevin's. They laughed, zipped up and left the bathroom in their separate ways.

As Kevin approached me waiting by the dance floor entrance he had a mortified but slightly happy facial expression.
I looked at him and said "What is it? What the heck took so long?"
"That bathroom is seriously cray! It's the worst bathroom ever. I felt like I was pissing on top of the guy next to me! There's no divider and no privacy! Oh and I farted!"
"What!?" I said not being able to contain the laughter!
"Yeah I met some guy, we farted together. I had to! I wasn't going to be able to pee unless I released the pressure and then he farted too. I think I'm in love."
While laughing my ass off I said, "I swear your flatulence must release some type of pheromone! What did he say?"
"Oh nothing. He just farted with me and laughed I think he was just being nice, but it was cute."

When we rejoined the rest of our group Benjamin was still creepy Benji. He was talking to two guys and making out with them. He'd talk to one guy, play tonsil hockey with him, then turned and talked to the other guy, make out with him and then repeat. By the end of the night he could barely stand. Haley was doing her best to keep a close eye on him but he was everywhere bobbing up and down, smiling at random guys.

Fart guy came over to Kevin and I while we were dancing. He introduced himself to me and actually was extremely polite. I instantly liked him not because his name was Jason, we were around the same age and owned the same shirt (which was at least 6 years old), but because he actually seemed interested in meeting all Kevin's friends and had a personality. Sadly though, fart guy Jason was leaving the next day so our encounter with him was short, but memorable. He lives in Philly, so who knows maybe Kevin will fart with him again someday.

The Many Men of Bobby Bunny

It all started Saturday night when Bobby met his first guy. He met so many guys while we were on vacation I couldn't keep track of them all *cough* WHORE, so he wrote up something about each of them. It was the first time I had seen him break down his comfort zone and actually go out of his way to meet people. By the end of the week I was calling him the "Kissing Bandit." Be careful he may just end up stealing your lips some day.

The Men of Bobby Bunny's Boudoir: Preston

"Saturday was a busy night at the clubs and slightly over whelming so once we all got back to the house around 1 in the morning I decided to meet up with a guy I had been talking to on Grindr that day. His name was Preston and he was from Richmond, Virginia. He was staying with a group of his friends one block over from us so we ended up meeting at the intersection of our two blocks. He was cute and had this adorable southern drawl. We walked the neighborhood making our way to the beach and talked about how nice it was down here and how much we didn't want to go back to "normal life." Once we got on the beach we walked up and down it for a while and he held my hand and put his arms around me on more than one occasion. It was a much more romantic night than I had envisioned and we ended up kissing and listening to the waves. We walked back to his beach house and ended up making out for quite a while on his screened in porch and then I walked home. He ended up "Grinding" me for a few days after that but considering he went back to Virginia there really wasn't much of anything to stay in contact for. Still it was a good way to kick off vacation."

Let's Walk on The Beach…

While Bobby was meeting his Trick and Benjamin was trying to hook up with someone, Kevin and I fixed ourselves some drinks. "Hey lets go down to the boardwalk and maybe just walk on the sand a little." Kevin said. "Ok let me finish my drink, I just poured it." I said. "Let's take our drinks with us they are only in plastic cups anyways." Kevin stated. I don't know what it was maybe I had too much to drink but this idea was brilliant and I said, "Ok!" The walk to the boardwalk was just a couple blocks from our beach house. Our street was very quiet and no one was out and about. It was a far cry from earlier in the day with all the hassle and bustle of people.

The boardwalk was completely pitch black the only light that illuminated it was from our street and that was just a small section in front of it. I started to walk on the boardwalk to get to the beach when Kevin grabbed my arm and yanked me back. As I lifted my head I could see a dark figure walking on the boardwalk slowly coming towards us. I couldn't make out any facial features or even what he was wearing. He appeared as if he had on a hat. The whole thing felt like it was out of a scary movie. Like "I Know Who You Fucked Last Summer" starring Jennifer Love Hugetits. I gasp as Kevin dragged me back to the street and into the light. He started to walk faster and said, "I think that was a cop let's just go to bed!" We speed walked the whole way with no sign of the cop.

As we approached our door moments away from walking in we heard, "Hey guys!" A cop appeared out of nowhere and ran across the street! He was very young, tall, slender and cute. "Can I see some i.d.?" He asked as he cocked his head to the left side and gave slightly smiled. We handed him our driver's licenses and he studied them for a bit. "Where are you guys staying?" He asked after he realized that we weren't from Rehoboth. "Right here actually." Kevin said pointing to the door. "Ok, now I know there wasn't water in those cups. It must have been our red solo cups that gave that away. We looked at the cop and said, "We're really sorry." He smiled at us and said, "It's ok. Just don't let it happen again and please be more careful. You guys have a good night." "Thank you, you too." We said as the cop turned and walked across the street. Kevin and I darted through the door and up the stairs a little shaken. "I can't believe we almost got arrested!" Kevin said with a sigh of relief. "I think he was gay and I knew we weren't going to get into trouble really when I saw him smile. He just wanted to make sure we were of age." That was enough excitement for one night time for bed.


Edward Christian Blackwell

The next day Kevin and I had plans to hang out with Edward and his boyfriend Sebastian. I hadn't seen Edward since I stayed with him for a week in Philly before he left for Atlanta which was over a year ago! It just so happens that the stars aligned and the week we were in Rehoboth, Edward and Sebastian were there to visit Edward's family. I was anxious to see Edward it had been such a long time, I didn't know how much or if he had changed and if Sebastian really knew anything about me. I hadn't actually dated anyone since Edward and I was nervous about awkwardness. Especially since Kevin trips over his own tongue and was liable to blurt out something inappropriate in front of Sebastian. Kevin had been warned that I would kill him if he did. "Bury his lifeless body in sand" was how I phrased it.

It was Edward's idea to go to the Purple Parrot for brunch. He's always been a huge fan of bunch. I love it too nothing starts the day better than a bloody mary. It cures a hangover and prepares you for the day with vitamins and essential nutrients. At least that's what I tell myself. Edward texted me that Sebastian and him were outside the Purple Parrot waiting for us. Kevin and I had been shopping around a little and checking out the local scenery aka hot boys and DILFs! We walked up to Purple Parrot but no Edward and Sebastian. I called Edward:
"Hey where are you, did you go inside?"
"Um no we are standing right out front by the little steps." Edward said.
Kevin and I looked around and walked to the side of the building. No Edward, no Sebastian!
"Uh there aren't any little steps!"
There was a slight pause on the phone and then Edward started to laugh.
"Ha ha wait this isn't Purple Parrot. It's Blue Moon! Where are you guys?"
"At Purple Parrot where YOU wanted to meet!"
"Wait where is Purple Parrot?" Edward asked.
I swear sometimes I think it would have better if he were born a blonde than a brunette. After giving him directions and waiting longer it became very clear I definitely need that bloody mary!

Edward hadn't changed a bit; still goofy, still outgoing and totally a riot. As we sat down for our brunch I realized how much I truly missed him. My first impression of Sebastian was he was charming and polite. He had shaken our hands with a big smile and a glimmer of warmth in his green eyes. I then completely got it. They fit together so well. Sebastian was that missing puzzle piece that Edward needed. They didn't seem like the over mushy, high public display of affection type of couple. There was just something in the way that Edward and Sebastian looked at each other… it was real love. And I hope someday someone will look at me that way. Kevin and I had never seen Edward so happy before and so smitten. After meeting Sebastian we both agreed that we were smitten with him too.

After my crab egg's Benedict (everything tastes better with crab, well almost boys don't taste better with crabs) and two bloody mary's (have to hydrate, you know) we were off to meet Edward's family and spend the rest of the day on the beach with him and Sebastian. Meeting a friend's family is always awkward you never know how to act. I had hoped they were like Edward. I'm not the poised, prim and proper type; more like a klutzy, vulgar, and inappropriate little ginge. Not to mention Kevin is twice as bad as me.

I could see a bit of Edward's personality in his mother. She was a sweet person, a typical mom and I could tell she was proud of her son. Edward, Sebastian, Kevin and I walked to the community pool to meet the rest of his family before heading to the beach. The pool was filled with families and kids everywhere. I was distracted by the hot lifeguards in red short shorts showing a bit of happy trail that I wanted so desperately to travel down. Kevin and I met Edward's whole clan. His sisters were sweet and his one brother-in-law was smoking hot with tattoos, and buff body. Kevin whispered to me, "holy fucking shit!" Then I thought, 'yeah that insanely awkward moment when you want your close friend's brother-in-law to push your head into a pillow as he pounds your ass hard!' Later on we discovered he likes Glee, hmm…

The beach was a private beach far from the gay beach. It wasn't crowded at all and the sun dipped in and out of the clouds it was the perfect day. I sat on the beach as the other boys played in the ocean. I love the beach, but the ocean water scares me. I never go in pass my knees. When I was younger I got knocked down by a big wave and had a hard time getting back to the surface. If my friend wouldn't have been with me I may have drowned. The water still scares me till this day. Edward even tried coming up to the beach and grabbing my hand to take me in, but I refused. I just don't feel safe. I felt perfectly happy basking in the warm sun and watching them play in the ocean. The only voice I could hear was Kevin's laughter and it made me smile.

A few yards along side of our beach towel set up was a family with three small kids. They were playing in the sand in between our towels and their towels. The mother got up to take a picture and said, "I'm trying to take a pic. I'll try not to get the gays frolicking in the water." She laughed as she snapped the picture and I laughed because she was completely unaware that I heard her. My day with the boys was perfect and for the first time in a long time I truly felt relaxed and happy. After the beach we packed up and Kevin and I went back to the beach house to get ready for another night out. Hopefully no cops this time.

The Men of Bobby Bunny's Boudoir: Tommy

"I had seen Tommy in the club the night before and thought he was adorable. He was tall, slim, had a nice haircut and the cutest smile. So before the night was over I ended up walking over to him at the bar and started talking to him. He was there with one of his coworkers; he was working down there for the summer at the American Eagle outlet. After like 30 minutes of conversation his coworker was going to head out and did the "hey, you good here?" line that friends say just to be sure that their friends are in a situation they want to be in before heading out. He said he was good and we talked for a little while longer before the bar started to thin out. I asked him what he was up to the rest of the night and he said he normally stayed for last call then he didn't have any plans. I said to him not to bother staying here for last call if he wanted another drink we could go back to the house and he could have whatever he wanted from the slew of alcohol we had chilling in the freezer/refrigerator. He didn't have any problem with that idea so we ended up back at the house, talking (mainly about Disney and Charmed) and eventually we went into my room where we cuddled literally the entire night with sporadic and fun make out sessions. Tommy was the best cuddler I ran across at the beach, hands down.


Poodle Beach (The Gay Beach)

Kevin awoke full of energy and ready to start the day. He always has so much energy first thing in the morning. He's like a hairy horny jack rabbit ready for action. After he woke up he realized the guy Bobby had brought over the night before stayed over. Kevin walked up to Bobby's door, knelt down and looked through the key hole while saying very loudly, "Oh my god it is a real key hole!" I couldn't contain the laughter and said, "Hunny, not anymore after you shout it! You're not suppose to announce that you're looking through a key hole that's the whole idea!" "Oopsies whoopies" Kevin said. About 10 minutes after Bobby walked Tommy out. I could tell he was smitten. He just glared at Kevin.

Benjamin, Bobby and Kevin headed down to the beach. I needed more time to wake up, and apply sun block so Haley and I said we would meet up with them a little later. When Haley and I finally got there the boys had everything all set up. I set my towel on the sand and glanced around a little. The weather was nice and the beach wasn't crowded at all. Kevin got up out of his beach chair that he placed under the umbrella he brought and ran down to the water. I watched him splash around like a little kid and he looked so happy and innocent. We watched him as he rode the waves to shore. He went back and forth with not a care in the world.

The gay beach kind of amuses me. You see all different types of bodies. Some big, some small, some average, some fit and every gay man has a different kind of swimsuit on from board shorts to barely there Speedos. The big guys look all tough and rugged running on the beach like it's out of Baywatch, but when they hit that water their arms flail and it's like glittery rainbow purses come flying out of their mouths while screaming "Hey girl, Hey girl!" One tight and toned guy ran down into the water and then he yelled, "Oh my god it feels fabulous!" It just goes to show never judge a book by its cover. Just because he appears macho and butch doesn't mean there isn't an inner queen dying to get out when his fun noodle hits the cool water.

Adjacent to us on the beach there was this guy all alone sunning himself in a black Speedo. I didn't noticed how hot he really was until after he had stood up and applied sun block. He became our eye candy for the day and we lusted after his hot bod. He had a perfect bubble butt and cute package to accompany it. He wasn't overly muscular or too skinny, like Goldiecocks would say "he was just right!" As he laid on his stomach I said, "Oh I want to motorboat that ass so badly." While Kevin was sticking out his long pointy tongue he said, "I just wanna lick his insides!" Even Bobby, Benjamin and Haley wanted a piece of that pie. I was pretty sure the guy knew were checking him out too.

Dos Locos

For dinner Kevin and I went to Dos Locos. It was recommended by my District Manager at work. She has a beach house in Rehoboth and said I would enjoy the place and the margaritas. She had me at margaritas. Dos Locos had Mexican flair with a seafood twist. The food was actually very good and so were the drinks. There were two older gentlemen sitting next to us. One was smaller than the other one. We caught some of their conversation and I know they caught some of ours. At first I thought they were a couple but it turned out they were just best friends talking about their husbands. I had a thought that would be Kevin and I some day. Going out to dinner and gabbing about our lives and boyfriends. Kevin said, "Aww that's cute, you'd be the fatter one." Just love how he takes a sentimental moment and shits all over it.

After the older gentlemen left a bunch of three rowdy women sat down next to us. They immediately apologized for being loud while continuing to be loud. They had just come from a few other bars and clearly had a few drinks. They were out celebrating the fact that their one friend had just bought a beach house! We chit chatted with them and realized how fun they actually were. It was time for us to leave but our new friends couldn't fathom the thought of us leaving them so they bought us a round of margaritas so we'd stay. Kevin and I can't help we're popular so we stayed. Shortly after agreeing to stay for a bit longer a mother and her two older teenagers, one girl and one boy sat down next to Kevin and I on the opposite side. Our ladies were being loud and laughing and we were having conversations about being gay and all the hot guys we've seen etc. The one lady even said her son was hot and we'd like him. Kevin and I both asked where he was haha. The mother next to us with the teenagers called the waiter over, picked up her menu, held it by her mouth so we couldn't tell exactly what she was saying and asked that they be moved to a new table. The mother followed the waiter with a look of disgust on her face. Her two teenagers trailing behind her and they disappeared. The teenage son was extremely cute and I could tell he was listening to us intently. Between the way he looked at Kevin and I and how his mannerisms were I'd say he was a closet case and his mother was a homophobe. Shortly after they left a couple took their place. We apologized to them if the ladies and Kevin and I got loud. The couple just laughed and didn't seem to care. It turned out that the mother actually left her sunglasses sitting on booth bench; the couple asked if they were mine. I of course snatched them right up! I figured either the stuck up mother would come back for them, which would be embarrassing or kind of fun or I'd keep them and give them to Lola, who was coming into town tomorrow. Kevin and I said our goodbyes to our new friends and thank them for the margaritas. We wanted to head back to the house to get ready to go out the night was still young.

The Sweet Guy

Bobby and Haley stayed in after having too much Char-Char the night before. Can we say huge white wineos? Benjamin, Kevin and I headed out to Blue Moon. The place was dead. I heard one of the guys say it was because this when people went home and a lot of new people come in tomorrow followed by more the closer you get to the weekend. Apparently we were caught in the changeover. Out with the old fags and in with the new. Shortly after getting our drinks I was approached by a guy.
He was a bigger guy but seemed nice he said, "Hi my name is John the reason why I came over to you is because my friend over there said you looked very familiar."
I looked at him smiled, laughed and said, "Gee that's a line I never heard before. Hi my name is Jason"
John laughed and said, "No no I'm serious. Where are you from?"
"I'm from PA, my friends and I live by Allentown."
John's face lit up. "I'm from Harrisburg and my friend over there is from Bethlehem."
"Which friend?"
"The short one standing next to the pretty girl." John pointed.

I didn't recognize John's friend at all. We started to walk part way over to them and they ended up meeting us half way. I shook hands with John's friend.
"Hey Choad they are from Allentown area you were right." John said.
"Wait a minute your name is Choad?" I asked John's friend trying not to laugh.
"No, no it's Aaron. Choad is a college nickname I just got stuck with it don't ask." Aaron said.
"I'm not even sure I want to know." I said as I looked down at his crotch we both laughed.
"I'm Jason. These are my friends Benjamin and Kevin." I said as I pointed to my boys.

We all chatted for a long time and they introduced us to their lovely friend Rosie who was trying to pick up the hunky straight guy that worked there. His name was Devan. He had a thick muscular body and big pouty lips. He was the best looking guy that worked there and looked like he just stepped out of the pages of GQ. We all wanted to lick his hiney, but it appeared as if Rosie was going to be the only one to get the chance.

At the end of the night John invited us to go back with them to his beach house for some drinks. Benjamin went home he was tired, but Kevin and I said we would for a bit. As we walked out I noticed we were heading to an suv.
"You guys drove here?" I asked
"Yeah my mom's beach house is like 10 minutes away, but takes forever to walk it" John said.
Aaron hopped into the backseat smiled at Kevin and I and said, "So you want some candy little boys?"
I nervously laughed, but couldn't help feel a little anxious. We were going to a place we've never been with people we just met and it involved driving there.
"Don't worry I'll drive you boys back later." John said.
"I'm sure that's what every serial killer has told their victims before they got into the creepy suv." I said
We headed further and further away from town and places I knew. The road was no longer lit by street lamps and I had no idea where the fuck we were.
"Hey John where are you taking us some place they can't find our remains?" I said
John and Rosie laughed from up at the front seat and john said, "Almost there."

We pulled into a little driveway. The house looked really cute from the outside and the neighborhood had a desperate housewife I'm fucking all the gardeners appeal. Rosie, John and Kevin headed inside.
I started to follow Aaron in but he turned around and said, "You really do look familiar. I can't figure it out."
"I don't know I used to work in Whitehall and Easton. I've been going out to the local bars since I was 21 maybe that's how you know me." I said
"How old are you now?" Aaron asked
"Oh cool I'm 34. Maybe that's it. Our paths just crossed since we lived around the same area."
I followed Aaron into the house Rosie and John were standing in the kitchen which was close to the entrance. I looked around and saw no Kevin. Where's my gay monkey? Where's my best friend?
"Oh my god! I knew it! My best friend is already dead!!" I shouted.

To be continued…

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