September 28, 2012

4 Gay Guys, 3 Str8 Girls & A Beach House Part 2

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…Laughter erupted and echoed in a room adjacent to the front door. It was Kevin. He was just using the bathroom. He was still alive. Not hacked up into little pieces, not chained in the basement and not bonded and gagged in the corner. Although he probably would have been into that last one.
"Jason, you almost made me piss on myself!" Kevin said with a laugh as he opened the bathroom door.
We walked in the kitchen where John, Rosie and Aaron congregated. The kitchen had a charming 'lived-in' feel.
"What do you want to drink boys?" John said.
"Surprise me." I answered with a bright grin, smiling as wide as I could looking all forehead and teeth.
John turned and looked at Kevin. "Kevin how bout you?"
"Same, I'm not picky."
John made us some kind of red fruity concoction. It tasted sweet and went down too easy, but maybe that was his plan. Get us drunk and maybe we'd "go down easy."

His mom's beach house was very nice. It had country, beachy decor and as we headed out to the enclosed screened-in porch, I cased the joint slightly. Photographs and knick knacks adorned the walls and shelves. It had a homey, clutter feel to it, but it was very charming. We sat at a big table out on the porch. I looked outside, but couldn't see much except a little stream that ran down in front. I had no idea where we were.

The Tricks

Our conversation was normal "getting to know you" type stuff and lasted a good half hour until John said, "There's someone at the door." It was after 2 in the morning and I wondered who else they invited back here. We all stood up and followed John out. As he opened the door Devan walked in followed by another guy I had seen at the bar. Devan was obviously there for Rosie, but who was this other guy and why did he tag along? Do straight guys need moral support when they hook up with pretty girls? Do they need that high five after a good pounding of punani?
"You boys remember Devan from the bar, this is Tony he DJs at the Blue Moon." John said.
Tony was average height with very short dark hair and piercing blue eyes. I watched him as he took a big stretch with his arms up in the air over his head, and as his polo shirt rose a few inches above his short's waistband I could tell he was in good shape. He had that lickable 'V' that runs from a guy's waist down to his pubic area and some hot tattoos. He knew what he was doing when he was stretching. It was the "look at me, look at me I'm really hot" type stretch.

After only 15 minutes of pleasantries Devan and Rosie disappeared upstairs to be alone. Devan was extremely gorgeous. He had a nice body, model type face and penetrating eyes. I can just imagine how much tail he gets from willing fag hags. Part of me wished I had a vagina or at least could borrow one for a night with him. While they ran off to get off, John, Aaron, Tony and I stayed in the kitchen drinking our drinks and just talking. Tony was a show off kind of guy. He was showing us modeling pictures he had taken by a photographer that were saved on his phone. Aaron was swiping through the pictures with his finger as the rest of us looked over his shoulders.
"Don't go um too far. There's some on there that shouldn't be seen." Tony said.

Aaron of course hearing this picked up the pace in his swiping! And then there it was, a completely naked Tony, followed by just cock shots he had taken with his phone. Do all gay men have cock shots on their phone? Tony turned only slightly red, after all he wanted us to find them, or else he wouldn't have handed us his phone and state there were naughty pictures on it. You could tell he was proud of his unit as he should have been. It was a decent size, very thick with a hot vein that ran down it. I'm sure he gets a lot of "gay ass."

We went back out to the porch. Tony was DJing our conversion by playing music on his phone. As John brought us more drinks I sat back and watched what was happening. Tony seemed to be into Aaron, but Aaron seemed to be in Kevin. I couldn't tell if Kevin liked him back or just liked the attention. I went with the latter. It was a triangle of lust. It had appeared that yet again someone else was sucked into Kevin's mojo (homojo). Here I thought perhaps since Aaron kind of approached me first and was around my age that he would have been more into me. I should have known better, guys my age don't want guys my age. My curse of being everyone's friend and never anyone's love interest echoed in my mind. Watching Kevin and Aaron flirt back and forth made me long for a little male attention. The green eyed monster is awful; I prefer the ole one eyed monster instead.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rosie run down the stairs. We all turned to look. She was riffling through a backpack that Devan had brought with him and that he left by the door. She pulled out a little packet from the front pocket of the backpack. I knew right away it was condom. I assumed Devan didn't want to come down the stairs with an erection and have us all gawk at him, which we totally would have. Once she gathered her precious packet, she let out a giggle and ran back up the stairs. Lucky girl!

There was another knock at the front door. John quickly got out of his chair and headed to the front door. Now who could this be? It's like 3:30 in the morning! This house certainly has a revolving door and I wonder if an "over a billion served" sign was hanging in the window. John had invited a trick over he had been talking to for a few days on Grindr. He had been to the house before. At this point quite frankly I was very drunk and didn't catch his name. He was wearing large hearing aids which Tony rudely pointed out. He was slightly deaf and it became obvious when he spoke. He was kind of cute but appeared as if he was drunk too. He rode his bicycle over and admitted he had fallen off it once on the way.

Aaron, Kevin and Tony got up and headed over to the stairs. I only think the reason Tony got up was because he was afraid Aaron and Kevin were going to disappear and hook up. It turns out they just got up to investigate a noise and hovered by the stairs. John's trick sat in his lap and they made out ferociously as if I wasn't even sitting there. The trick looked like he was going to pass out so John told him to go to bed and the trick walked pass the other boys and disappeared upstairs. Aaron came back on the porch laughing.
"You can hear skin slapping up there and moaning. It looks like they are finally going at it." Aaron said.
"I should go upstairs and check on him he looked really drunk." John said as he got up and disappeared upstairs.
5 minutes later John comes running down the stairs and says. "He passed out in my mom's bed naked! I'm going to have to definitely wash those sheets tomorrow!"

It getting close to 5 am and the feeling of passing out myself was upon me. I told Kevin we better get going and he agreed. I had used my phone's GPS to figure out where we were just in case we had to walk back, it was about an hour, but just as John promised he said he would drop us back at our beach house. Aaron wanted to go with us, but John told him to stay to watch Tony he didn't trust him. We said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers. I knew Aaron had no intentions of texting me he just did it to be polite, but it was still nice. John dropped us off at home and I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.


We're Dying!

Kevin woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed like always. How does he do that? He is such a morning person even when he didn't get much sleep. It amazes me how much energy one person can have. Lola had called and said she was close by and would be here by 10. Today was the day she got into town to stay with us. I hadn't seen her in awhile and was eager to spend some time with her. My head was pounding and as I went to move I realized every part of my body hurt! I had a severe hangover. Kevin seemed fine I wanted to hit him with bat. I stayed in bed when Lola finally arrived. Benjamin and Kevin helped her with the luggage and then they took her to find parking for her car. Rehoboth is known for their beaches, but parking is another story. After they left I attempted to crawl out of bed in search for water. I made my way into the kitchen. You know you have a really bad hangover when you feel as if you need sunglasses to open the fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water, crawled back into bed and passed out once more, dead to the world.

I was awoken by a horrible sound. I heard gagging, choking and someone throwing up. It sounded like Haley. My joints had stiffened up again and as I tried to get out of the bed to check on her the room started to spin. I lied back down. She threw up for a few minutes and then I heard Benjamin's bedroom door shut. Why was Haley sick? She didn't even go out with us the night before. She had stayed in because she was supposed to drive back to Philadelphia in the morning.

20 minutes later Bobby appeared at my door. He was standing half in the hallway and half in the bedroom. He had on athletic shorts that bunched just right in the front and a muscle t. Bobby looked confused and drowsy it was obvious he had just woken up. Perhaps it was noise from the bathroom that startled him.
"Are you ok?" He asked puzzled while cocking his head to one side and rubbing his large brown eyes.
It amazes me that even after a full night's sleep his hair still retains its shape. He pretty much looks the same besides the thin dark framed glasses that adorned his face. They make him look smart. Clark Kent meets studious preppy college nerd.
"I'm ok just having a really bad hangover. My body hurts and the room is spinning when I try to get out of bed." I stated.
"I thought I heard someone throw up." Bobby expressed in a manner like he was Thelma from Scooby Doo and he just solved the case! 'Old man Weathers did it!' echoed in my mind.
"That wasn't me. I think it was Haley."
"Wait, where is everyone?" Bobby asked while inching his way closer to my bed.
"Lola is in town, Benji and Kev went with her to find parking."
"Where's Haley?"
"She's in Benjamin's room."
"Where did you and Kevin go last night?"

I filled Bobby in on all that happened. Told him about John and Aaron and that he would love Rosie! Even though Bobby is gay, he likes girls, just not sexually. He views them as non- threatening and enjoys the company of fag hags and fruit flies. After I answered all his questions, he took his Nancy Drew demeanor out of my bedroom and I heard him talking to Haley. I couldn't make out their conversation exactly. The only thing I heard correctly was Haley saying "Hold on a minute, I'll be right back." Then she went in the bathroom to throw up some more and then she returned to Bobby. They picked up the conversation where it had left off. Even in the midst of violently expelling her vomit she still retained her polite, poised self. She's classy.

Lola Daniels

Lola's presence seemed to make me feel better or perhaps enough time had elapsed that the hangover subsided a little bit. Thank you Advil! When everyone got back and I heard her in the hallway I climbed out of bed to meet them. I hugged her tightly. She's such a pretty girl. Straight men seem to love her because she's a mix of Tomboy and girlie girl all rolled into one titty and ass package. She enjoys her beer, belches with no hesitation, and could make a sailor blush with the foul language that occasionally escapes her voluptuously plump lips. If she had a penis perhaps I'd be into her as well.

The beach was awaiting us. The weather looked perfect. I figured a little nap on the beach would cure the rest of my hangover. I put sun block everywhere, slipped on the board shorts and I was ready. I had gotten some color the day before. When I was younger I used to go tanning in tanning beds and ever since then I can tan a bit if I lay out. It shocks people because I'm a red head with fair skin. I shouldn't tan at all, just freckle. They say every freckle is a soul that a ginger has taken; apparently I don't take many souls because I don't freckle either. Poor Kevin just burns and the only reason his skin looks darker than mine is from his hairy arms and legs.

As I walked into our bedroom to grab my hat, Lola was lying flat on her back on the floor. She lifted her legs up in the air so I wouldn't walk on her. She startled me and I startled her. That was something I didn't expect! She was lying in some sort of neck harness. She had hurt her neck badly in a car accident and ever since then her body has been out of alignment. She said the harness helps push everything back into place.
Laughing uncontrollably looking down at her, "Um that thing looks like an S&M device of some sort."
"It is. It keeps my head still while boys eat my pussy out."
She laughed and I couldn't help but wonder how interesting that would be and if perhaps I could borrow it? One by one we all came into the bedroom to inspect this funky contraption and then it was off to the beach. Poor Haley stayed behind in bed. She was hoping to feel better by late afternoon so she could head back home.

Napping on the beach renewed me. Bobby was sunning himself both in a chair and on a towel. He kept alternating his position, but ended up more in the chair so he could watch the boys play in the ocean. I could tell he was enjoying some of the sights. When a hot guy walked by he would murmur to himself something and continued to gawk. It was a good thing he had dark sunglasses on so his eyes wouldn't be seen.

"My hormones are on overload here." Bobby stated.
"Perhaps you need to um release yourself later when we get back. It helps I had to spank it already." I said revealing too much information.
"Oh I already have! It didn't help."
"I need to do that before we go out tonight, so I'm not a total skank." Kevin chimed in.
"I doubt it will help YOU." I said as I lifted my head off my towel peering at him through my tilted sunglasses.
"Ew, bitch!" Kevin snapped.
Lola laughed as she was sitting sunning herself in her beach chair she looked over at me, "Maybe I'll bring a guy home and use my contraption tonight!"

The Release

Later at the beach house, after a blissful day on the beach, I lounged in bed. 30 minutes later after Kevin was all showered and fresh, he gingerly came in and planted himself next to me. I think he thought I was sleeping.
"The bathroom is all yours." He said.
"Feel better?" I asked as I turned my head to the side.
"Yeah I spooged all over. I feel so much better now. I watched porn on my phone in the bathroom. I was hoping you guys wouldn't be able to hear the "spank, spank, spank" through the door or the porn."
"Oh mmm Geee! You actually watched porn?"
"Yeah hot daddy bears it was hot!"
We sat on the bed for a few minutes laughing and then he pulls out his phone again and continues to watch porn, while sitting next to me.
"I can't believe you're going to watch that right in front of me. We've reached a new level in our friendship I think."
And on that note I got up and went into the bathroom.

Seeing the Doppelganger

Haley headed home, Benjamin told us she arrived safely, but had to stop a few time along the way to throw up. We still couldn't understand how she got sick. Her and Benjamin went to a questionable Mexican restaurant the night before for dinner but he felt fine. It could be food poisoning; it could be a stomach bug. She could be knocked up by 4 gay guys… Nah. It was just strange and we all felt bad for her.

That night we showed Lola the night life in the area. Blue Moon had a decent crowd it was busier than the night before.
The bouncer flirted with me a little as I handed him my I.D. He looked at it and said with an accent, "Oh, wow you lookin' purdy good. You so cute."
I suspected my age took him by surprise. I smiled at him and graciously accepted the compliment. As we walked in I turned slightly and noticed he was checking out my ass.
"He's very cute." Lola said.
When we finally entered the main room at Blue Moon we noticed a large drag queen on the stage. They were doing some sort of game show. I looked up at the big screen TV on the wall it said, "Faggot Feud." This is our gay version of the popular game show, "Family Feud." The drag queen was funny and entertaining. While they were setting up for the next contestants she did a trick with one of those long balloons (the type they use to make balloon animals out of) she deep throated it completely. It was more than a foot long. The crowd cheered obviously being impressed with her deep throating skills.
"I need to learn how she did that!" Bobby said bemused.

After the show the crowd dispersed. Some people left, others found solace at the bar. The work crew dismantled the little stage within 5 minutes. Devan walked passed me. He made eye contact, smiled, but quickly looked away. He knew I knew what he did the night before with Rosie. It was a version of the walk of shame. He avoided us for the rest of the night.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very cute but very short guy. I pointed him out to Kevin and asked, "Now who do you think he looks like?"
Kevin thought for a minutes eyeing the stranger up and down and shouted, "OH! MY! GOD! He looks like Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars!"
I knew he would get the reference being obsessed with the show and all. "Yeah he looks like the mini version of him!"
Bobby, Lola and Benjamin had no idea whom we were talking about and we had to explain to them that Ezra Fitz was a character on the show. We moved our group a little closer to the doppelganger and upon further examination I realized something. "Holy shit! It's the hot guy from the beach the other day! The guy in the black Speedo with the hot ass!" I probably said this a bit too loudly, thanks alcohol.
Bobby was in disbelief. "That's not the same guy."
"You're right Jason that is him! I see it now. Wow he really looked taller on the beach." Kevin said.
"Well he was quite a distance away from us and we all were either lying down or sitting in a chair." I stated knowing I was right.
"Yep that's him just picture him in a Speedo." Benjamin said.

"I wanna talk to him but don't know what to say." Bobby said nervously.
"Just tell him he looks like Ezra from Pretty Little Liars! It's a good way to break the ice." I answered Bobby.
"I don't know who that is."
"But maybe he does! He'll take it as a compliment here I'll go with you." And just as we started to walk over in Ezra's direction another guy comes over to talk to him. Ezra looks as if he knows the other guy and within minutes they are kissing. "Um maybe another time." Bobby and I walk back to the group.


Rain on Our Parade

The weather was cloudy and cooler than the last few days but Lola, Kevin, Bobby and I still went to the beach anyway. Kevin had been chatting with Aaron via text the last couple days. He said Aaron, John and Rosie were on the beach somewhere and were heading back home today. Lola and Kevin then went on a search to find them. Call me slightly jealous but I had no interest in trying to find them. I was perfectly happy lounging on the beach trying to soak up what little rays peeked through the clouds. Bobby seemed slightly interested in the meeting them, but stayed behind with me. He was trying to get engrossed into his book he was reading, but faltering at the sight of every hot guy.

Aaron, John and Rosie walked back with Kevin and Lola to say hi.
"You're just here to catch us with our blouses off." I lifted my head from my towel and flashed them a grin.
"You're right!" John responded as he knelt down while pinching one of my nipples.
Aaron and Kevin were flirting back and forth with silly banter. Aaron actually seemed rather charming and as they walked a few yards to get water ice John said to me, "I think Choad likes Kevin. Kevin is such a cutie." I rolled my eyes at his observations. When Aaron and Kevin returned Aaron said he had been trying to text me but I never responded. It turns out he put my number in his phone wrong. When we corrected the matter, he texted me right away saying, "Let the Inappropriate texts begin!" After some chit chat Aaron, John and Rosie were off. They had a long ride back. We said we'd stay in touch and since Aaron lives in Bethlehem and John ventures down to our area sometimes he said we all should get together. They seem like fun people.

The rain had started. Our beach day was ruined. Lola, Kevin, Benjamin and I decided to go shopping. Rehoboth has lots of outlet stores and sometimes you can find a good bargain. Bobby stayed behind at the house. We all were thinking perhaps he was asking a guy over or just spanking his monkey to release the tension from the last few days of visual stimulation. The latter seemed more feasible, but the way he had been talking to guys lately on this vacation anything was possible. Maybe Bobby had SSB (secret slutty behavior) like Benjamin.

Licking Strangers

We dressed a little nicer Wednesday night. Kevin had just bought this sexy black button down shirt that hugged him in all the right places, Bobby resembled a preppy nautical version of himself, Benjamin stuck to the "on Wednesdays we wear pink!" rule, Lola was showing just the right amount of her T and A and, I went with the preppy military look. I was the lucky one to have the opportunity to get into Benjamin's pants… he let me borrow his jeans for the evening since I didn't bring any. As we walked out of the house and headed in Blue Moon's direction it again started to rain and when we were about half way there it started to pour. Bobby was having a panic attack, "Oh my god you guys should we go back?"
"What? We're almost there!" I snapped!
"Ugh but my hair is gonna get all messed up!" Bobby nervously strokes his quiff.
As we walk into Blue Moon Kevin whispers, "God! His hair isn't even that great."

Later on in our evening, word of Kevin's large tongue started to get around. I wonder why? Perhaps it was because he sticks it out at every opportunity that presents itself. Bobby stuck out his tongue too and for the first time we realized that his tongue is quite large as well! In fact maybe if Bobby's DSLs (dick sucking lips) weren't so big it would actually be about the same size as Kevin's tongue.
We were out on the Patio getting ready to leave. Kevin was sticking out his tongue showing a crowd of boys his prized possession.

An extremely hot couple approached us. One had on a cowboy hat and glasses he oozed sex and the other was taller and slightly muscular with a nice beard. They said they owned a gay bar out in Atlantic City. They both were hot sexy bears.
Mr. Cowboy turned to me, "You're really cute." Then took off his cowboy hat and sunglasses and placed them on me.
"Jason you look really hot with those on!" Lola said.
The Cowboy looked at Kevin and said, "Wow that's some tongue."
Kevin sticks it out even further than before. "Try to wrap it around my finger."
It resembled a scene out of Animal Planet's African Safari. Kevin was the giraffe with its tongue extended trying to get the last bit of greenery off a high tree. I couldn't believe what I was looking at through the Cowboy's sunglasses. There Kevin was licking some stranger's finger!
He managed to wrap his pink tongue around the Cowboy's index finger, "It tastes like ashes!" Kevin murmured.

While Kevin was licking strangers, Lola was chatting with the bouncer. His name was Jesus (pronounced Hey-Zeus). He was short, but a very muscular Mexican. His accent was thick and so was everything else on him. Lola introduced us and Jesus had remembered me from the night before. He was the hot bouncer that kind of flirted with me a little.
"Aaa you is my favorite. I remembered you." He smiled at me and I felt my heart flutter a bit in my chest. I thought he was hot and I had to blush. My face felt hot.
"So do people call you Jesus?" I asked.
"Yeahs friends call mes Jesus all da time." His chestnut color eyes lit up as he spoke.
The three of us chatted a little, some of his words were hard to understand, but it was definitely sexy.
Lola is a fabulous wingman and she insisted Jesus and I exchange numbers and that it would be fun for us all to hang out. As we were getting ready to leave we were asked to go to a house party by this older guy. None of us really chatted with him, but a bunch of people were going and it's free booze so why not.

The Men of Bobby Bunny's Boudoir: Alex

"Alex I had seen Tuesday night because he was taking part in the drag queens version of Family Feud. I thought he was cute and the next night I saw him looking at me on the patio of Blue Moon. He motioned a pretend kick at me and that got us talking. I will admit the details of this night are a little hazy but I do remember he offered to be my big spoon for the night. So I took him up on the offer and more cuddling and making out ensued."

Call Me Maybe Dave…

While Bobby was spooning and Benjamin was doing god knows what, Lola, Kevin and I were walking with a group of people to this guy's beach house. His name was Dave. He was slightly attractive for an older guy and seemed normal. He appeared to be in his mid 40's; about medium height with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair he parted to the side. When we got to his beach house it turned out that it was actually his family's beach house and they were there! Can we say awkward? His sisters were watching TV and seemed rather pissed off he brought 7 people home with him and gestured right away for him to come over to them and explain himself. Kevin and I looked at each other and shared that unspoken BFF language, "What the fuck are we doing here!?" Dave had everyone congregate out on their screened-in patio to try to keep us as separated from his family as he could. It was kind of boring.
I texted Jesus: "Hey it's Jason, Lola's friend."
He responded: "It's Jesus."
It made me laugh I looked at Lola saying, "Oh mm gee I'm a holy roller here I am talking to Jesus!" She laughed.
Jesus: "wheres is you?"
Me: "We ended up going to a house party. What are you doing?"
Jesus: "Going to bed. I is tired. Me talk to you later have a good night cutie."
Me: "Nighty night boo."

The only highlight of coming back to this house was actually the sweet Golden Labrador Retriever Dave's sister had. She was a rescue dog, a bit skittish with all the people, but seemed to like the three of us. As the dog was sniffing the back of my hand and I was petting her soft sandy colored fur coat I thought, 'Gee who needs a man? Maybe I should just get a dog instead.' Then I turned and looked at Kevin realizing I already had one. After the 4 other guys had their drinks, they left. Dave's sister apologized to the three of us for being rude. She was just upset because she didn't realize her brother was going to be bringing strangers home. I think the fact her dog liked us also softened her mood.

I couldn't quite make out Dave's motive. Why did he invite 7 people he had just met back to this house? Was he hoping the higher the number, the higher the odds he would score? Like his sisters would actually let any of that happen anyway. He handed me a beer (I know I'm so butch) and asked Lola, Kevin and I where we were from, how long we were staying, what we were up too here in Rehoboth and what we did for a living? When I asked him what he did, he reached in his pocket, pulled out a business card and proceeded to hand us each one. The card had simple blue and black font and in capital letters the business card read: "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number (412)555-5555 so, call me maybe?... Dave" It was cute, but the thought did cross mind, 'so how many of those did you hand out since you've been here?' And on that note it was time to say goodbye to the lovely Lab oh and Call Me Maybe Dave.


He trailed kisses from my neck down to my chest, caressing what little chest hair I had and lightly pinching my nipple. As a grin appeared on my face he worked his way back up to my lips. His tongue was forceful. It was bubble gum pink delicious and enveloped my mouth, invading, taking no mercy. I lied there helpless unable to move from the weight of his body on top of me. He was rendering me unable to have free will over my actions, over my mind. I wanted him. It scared me. I knew I was hopelessly and irrevocably in love with this man.

"Jason! Wake up!"
My eyes were burning from the light that I slowly let in as I opened them. I must have fallen asleep. I looked around the room still in a daze. Kevin was standing by the bed looking puzzled. "You ready to go?"
"Yeah I must have fallen asleep. I was dreaming." I said groggily while scowling at him for ruining it for me. I was just getting to the good part!
"What was it about?"
"Nothing important. I'll be ready to go in 10 minutes. I just got to fix my hair. Is Tina here yet?" I asked, trying to change the subject.
"No, Bobby said she won't be in till later. She's gonna meet us out we don't have to wait for her."
Kevin skipped out of room looking excited to get the evening started. I clambered out of the bed relieved he left the room because my mystery dream man caused some arousal. I was sporting mad wood.


The closer to Tina's arrival the more humid the air became. It must been all the moisture from her vagina escaping and summoning all the straight men in the area she coming! Tina arrived after 10 we didn't wait for her we were already out. Blue Moon had karaoke which I usually detest! Ever since my ex fiancé Richard used to make me go every single Saturday (he was a karaoke DJ) I have hated it. It didn't seem to bother me this time, perhaps it was the limoncello shots Kevin, Lola and I did before going out. The bar was packed. Benjamin was in good spirits and as someone was singing 'Sweet Caroline' he placed his arm around me swaying back and forth. He seemed happy, drunk and I wondered if Creepy Benji was going to come out to play again. Kevin had this brilliant idea (they're rare) to go back to the beach house do more shots, go to the bathroom and then head back to the bar. It was a fabulous idea we are close after all! It involved saving money and drinking I was totally in.

Upon arriving back at the beach house we realized Tina was in Bobby's bathroom getting ready.
"I'm just gonna peek my head in and say hi." Kevin said as he left the kitchen and headed towards the bathroom.
I heard a scream and headed over to the bathroom. Kevin ran out all red and flustered looking at me and laughing.
"I forgot that Bobby's shower has glass doors, not a curtain like ours does! I just saw Tina's boobies!"
Tina was just startled by the invasion I could hear her laughing in the shower. "Hi Jason!" She yelled.
"Hey girl! Sorry bout Kev. We just came back to use the bathroom and have some shots." I shouted into bathroom door.
"It's ok. I'll meet you guys at bar in a little bit." She said while laughing. I could hear the water swoosh around. I guess Kevin really didn't disturb her that much.
"Ok see ya then."

Back at the bar I saw Call Me Maybe Dave. He was watching Kevin, Lola and I dance. I pretended not to notice. Benjamin and Bobby were dancing adjacent to us and then out of nowhere Tina showed up finally. She looked puzzled like she was trying to make a decision.
"I don't know what to do." She yelled to Bobby over the loud music.
They were talking about some guy she had met the previous time when she was here in Rehoboth. He wanted to see her aka hook up, but she was only here for one night with us and didn't know what time she would be back tomorrow, she wanted go to the beach with us.
I heard Bobby say, "I don't think you should go."
"I don't know what to do."
At this point I could tell her decision was already made up. She was going to go, but didn't want to ditch us. Her hook up said he would have her back early so I think that eased her mind a bit. She spent a few hours with us and then she was off. Her vagina was reeling them in again.

New "Friends"

Lola met a straight guy named Chad. He was very tall and kind of cute. He told her he was there looking for his sister but couldn't find her. I know, I know, that's the best pick up line ever. None of us actually believed him, but Lola gave him the benefit of the doubt. He seemed harmless though and Lola seemed to enjoy talking to him. It turned out he was from PA too and actually lived in Pittsburgh.

Ezra was at the bar standing alone with a drink.
"Let's go talk to him!" Kevin said eagerly. I knew Kevin was drunk at this point. He walks up to the Ezra lookalike and I follow.
"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars?" He asked the lookalike. It didn't bother me that he actually used my line. Someone should have used it!
"No, but I know who you're talking about." Ezra said while smiling at us.
We ordered drinks at the bar trying to make it not too obvious we just came over to talk to him. We introduced ourselves. Ezra actually lives in Philly, and was here with his friends on a little vacation. He gestured his hands over into their direction pointing them out. They were all cute too. It turned out his name was actually Adam. Kevin looked at him and said, "I'm gonna call you Ezra if that's ok.
"Ok" He smiled at Kevin and I knew he was hooked. The Kevin mojo strikes again. How does he do it?
I was chatting with Ezra and Kevin and by this time Bobby and Benjamin had joined in. Lola was still chatting with Chad she was smiling. I could tell she liked him. There was a tug on my arm, I was totally distracted by watching Lola, I didn't realize Call Me Maybe Dave was standing right next to me.

He had on a pink button down shirt with shorts. He looked really cute. He smiled at me.
"You look really cute tonight." He said as he put his hand on my back.
"Thank you!"
"I'm really sorry about last night."
"Oh it's ok. We loved the dog." I smiled at him.
"Let me buy you a drink to make up for it."
"Sure." I smiled and followed him to the bar.
"What would you like?"
"Gin and Tonic please."
"Oooh you're old school! I like that!" He smiled at me surprised.
"I guess you could say that."
His sister appeared out of nowhere and Dave frowned when he saw her. I think he was afraid she would cock block him again, but she just said "hello" and gave me a hug like we were old friends. She was ready to go and asked if he wanted a ride. Dave said "No he would walk." His sister then turned and disappeared in the sea of gays. Dave turned to me and whispered in my ear, "You really are adorable." I blushed of course. I'm not use to compliments. It's rare I get them. He asked me a bunch of questions and we went back and forth getting to know one another. By the time my drink was gone I realized how late it was getting. The bar was starting to thin out.

We headed out to patio. They always close the inside first, but let you stand outside for awhile. Lola was clinging tightly to her new man. Shockingly he still hadn't found his sister. Kevin was talking to Ezra, and Bobby and Benjamin were talking to Ezra's friends. Dave was flirting with me and being really sweet. All of sudden I was lifted up in the air. I turn my head and glance down it was Jesus! I had been lifted by Jesus, hallelujah! Praise the lord! Jesus was laughing. He knew he caught me by complete surprise!
"Theres yous are." Jesus said smiling and winking at me. He really is very attractive and I think in his own little world too.
"I am here!" I answered. "I tried texting you earlier today to see if you wanted to hang out but you never responded." I look at him and frowned.
"I sowwy Jaaason. I was working." Jesus hugged me. Dave looked annoyed.

Lola wanted to bring Chad back to our beach house. Kevin had asked Ezra to come back with him and after some convincing Ezra convinced some of his friends to join us. I turned to Dave and asked him if he wanted to come back for a drink. He smiled and said "yes." I then turned to Jesus and asked him as well.
"I can't. I has to stay and clean up here. Yous be outs tomorrow?"
"Tomorrow is our last night here. We'll be out." I frown at his response.
Jesus smiled at me and then leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I flush crimson and wish he had time to hang out. I wasn't sure if he was just being polite or if he actually liked me. Maybe he is like this with everyone.

Pairing Up

There we were walking to the beach house in twos. We looked like a dysfunctional Noah's Ark waiting for a flood. Everyone huddled in the kitchen, got drinks and started talking. One by one the pairing up couples started to disperse into other rooms. Kevin and Ezra went off somewhere, Lola and Chad stayed in the kitchen and Dave and I went out on to the porch. I was about to turn on the light, but he said to leave it off. There was a bit of light shining through the door so we could see. I sat down on the couch, placed my drink on the floor and looked at him. He grabbed me suddenly and pulled me onto him. He leaned down so his back was flat against the couch and positioned me so I was lying directly on him, "Come here!" He said forcefully! He kissed me frantically, swirling his tongue in my mouth and running his hands all over my body. My lower regions started to wake up and I could feel his erection through his shorts pressing into my stomach. He was obviously ready. He started kissing my neck and I groaned. I liked that. I always have, it's a turn on for me. We made out for only minute and then his hands started to explore the waistband of my shorts. Dave slipped his fingers under the band, under my underwear and before I could stop him he was fondling my ass and then inserting a finger in. I groaned, more by shock than the actual finger.
"You're so tight! Oh my god I love it. I can't wait to fuck you. I've been waiting to fuck you all night!" Dave's voice was raspy and breathy.

I can't do this. I just met him. I just wanted to make out a little bit and maybe give him a handy J if I really liked him. This whole thing is getting way out of hand. The hooking up thing really isn't for me and "fuck?" Fuck? I hate that word. I don't fuck. I'm too much of a hopeless romantic to "fuck!" I only let a guy explore that terrain if I really care about him. I pull his hand out of my shorts he smiles at me and starts to go for the front of my shorts this time. He quickly undoes the button and sticks his fingers down my underwear so they brush up against my pubic hair and touch my cock ever so gently. I am hard, but any guy would be hard. I don't want this and stop him.
"I'm sorry. I didn't bring you here to fuck. I just wanted to hang out. I'm not really that kind of guy." I kiss him hoping that will soften my rejection for not wanting to bump uglies and hope that just making out and groping will be enough.
Dave looks at me for a few seconds and then says, "I'm sorry I have to go."
"Go? Now?"
"Yeah." He gets up off the couch, puts on his flip flops and walks out.
I sat there in the dark completely stunned.

Moments later my phone lights up it's a mass text from Benjamin he sent to everyone in the house: "Make sure you knock before entering anywhere! Kevin has Ezra in his and Jason's room, Lola is in the kitchen with Chad, Bobby is talking with that guy Ross and I think they are gonna go off somewhere and Jason is out on the porch with Dave!" Shit! Shit! Shit! Not our bed! I told Kevin no tricks in our bedroom! I get up and walk into the kitchen. Lola is kissing Chad. They actually look cute.
"Where did Dave go?" She asks all puzzled
"Oh he wanted to penetrate me and when I said "no" he said he had to leave."
"What an asshole!" She grabs Chad's hand and they disappear in the hallway.
I walk up to our bedroom door. I hesitate. I don't want to interrupt but I didn't like the idea of sleeping out on the porch all night and having man juices all over our bed if it got to that. I figured they could have the porch now. I knock, "I'm coming in guys." I knew they had only been in there a few minutes. When I enter they are sprawled out on my fuzzy brown blanket (MY BLANKET!), Ezra is on top of Kevin. They are fully clothed, but it was obvious they were making out and it was heated. Kevin and Ezra get up and Kevin grabs Ezra's hand while looking at me puzzled with an "Are you ok? Why are you interrupting me" kind of look.
"Dave wanted to penetrate me, I said no. He said he had to leave." I sat on the bed. "I'm going to go to bed in a few. The porch is empty." And with those the words Kevin gives me a half smile and pulls Ezra out of the bedroom.

I get up and head out to bathroom so I could brush my teeth and wash my face, but notice Kevin pulls Ezra in there with him. What is this a tour of the house? I told him the porch was empty! I walk over to Bobby's room he has his door open and I figured I could use his bathroom quick but by the time I got to it he drags Ross in his bedroom and shuts the door in my face. I roll my eyes and think he is fucking lucky I'm tired right now!

The Men of Bobby Bunny's Boudoir: Ross

"Ross came back with a group of men to our house and I'll admit I kind of started making out with him on a whim. I gave him the tour of the house and when it looked like everyone had paired up I just kind of shut the bedroom door and we started. Ross was a very good kisser and very attentive to what I liked but didn't stay the night (which was alright with me) but all in all it was a very nice way to end the night."

All right it's time for this night to end! I walk back into the bedroom and shut the door. I take off my clothes, put on my boxers and get under the covers. I reach over and turn the light off and I just lay there thinking. Why is this bothering me so much? Why am I letting this asshole get under my skin? And then I realize it's because all I wanted was what everyone else was doing. They were just making out and having fun. There was no pressure of sex. My phone lit up. Illuminating part of the room.
Benjamin texts: "I want to come back up, but Lola and Chad are making out right by the door. He has her pressed up against of the parked cars right outside. I have never seen her like this."
Me: "Come up! She won't mind."
Benjamin: "Nah I don't want to stop them. I'm going to go walk around the block a few times."
Me: "I'm going to bed. Night."
Benjamin: "Night."
I put my phone on the nightstand. Turn to the side and as a tear starts to roll down my cheek, I instantly stop it! I will not cry over that asshole! And I drift off pissed.


The Obsession

As I slowly let the morning light crept into the crevices of my eyes, I realized I wasn't alone. My hands were grabbing flesh and I felt a chest with stubbly hair beneath them. I opened my eyes wide in the revelation that it was Kevin fast asleep next to me and I was spooning him. Both my arms were draped around him and we were practically on top of one another. I hadn't heard him come to bed and I was actually shocked he was there. What happened to Ezra? He rolled over facing me and opened his eyes and smiled. The look of satisfaction beamed through his dark puppy eyes, followed by a Cheshire cat grin that told me he caught the canary.

Kevin propped himself up on the bed and with starry eyes he looked at me. "Good morning!"
"Haha good morning Mr. Matthews. It would appear that someone had a good evening. I'm actually shocked you're in here."
"I crawled in after 4 you were fast asleep."
"Yeah I didn't hear you at all."
"I tried to be quiet. I didn't want to wake you." Kevin said with a grin.
"So, um what happened… with Ezra?"
"We made out… a lot… it was cray freakin' cray!
Kevin stood up and put his shirt on and as he did I noticed something on his arms, chest and neck.
"Kevin are those hickies? OH GOD, NO THEY AREN'T! What are those? Are they bruises?? What has he done to you?"
Kevin looks down at his arms and purple marks and feels his neck. "They are bruises."
The concern look on my face grew wilder. "Are you ok?"
"Ezra beat me!!" Kevin laughs, "No! He came at me like a fucking squirrel monkey though! For a little guy he was certainly aggressive! He pretty much wrapped his legs around me and climbed up me like we were playing Jackin' my beanstalk! I was aggressive right back too. It was fucking awesome!" He grabs his mouth and lets out an "ow" sound as if in pain.
My mood lightened realizing he was ok, but he looked like he belonged in a battered woman's shelter or something. Kevin then points out all the bruises. Some were actually from riding the waves on the beach, but most you could tell were from hands! There were purple bruises up and down his arms, along his neck and he pulled back his bottom lip to reveal a huge blister!
"Ouch that looks like it hurts!" I said.
"It does!"
"Gee if you're all bruise up what in God's name does he look like?"
"I have no idea but I do know I head butted him."
"What!?" I couldn't help but laugh.
"We were on the couch, which we fell off at least twice! And one time I head butted him hard in the forehead with my chin!" Kevin looked at me, his eyes all lit up like Christmas morning. "It was fucking amazeballs!"
"You have serious issues!"
"It was rough. It was hot!"

Bobby heard all the ruckus and came clambering in the room. "What's going on?"
"Kevin is telling me about his night with Ezra. Where's Ross?" I asked
"Oh, he left. We made out. We spooned. And then he left. It was nice. Where's Dave? What happened?"
"He wanted to penetrate me, I said no and then he left."
"Did you kiss him?" Bobby looked at me bright eyed.
"Yes, but not for long. He said he couldn't wait to fuck me and when I put a stop to that he just left."
"Oh I see." Bobby flashed me "that's a bummer" type stare and I put my head down.
"So what happened with Ezra??" Bobby said while turning to Kevin.
"We made out."
"That's all? Did you, you know, finish?" Bobby found it hard to utter the words "CUM."
"Yes on my chest."

"What!? I thought you said you just made out. Um that's more than making out." I chimed in. I realized Kevin sugarcoats things with me sometimes because he doesn't want me to judge. If he is happy though, I never feel the need to judge. I just want him to be safe. That is all.
"I finished myself off on my chest." Kevin said.
Then I realized I had been spooning with him and had my hands on his chest for god knows how long while we slept. The sudden need to wash my hands fell over me. EW!

Kevin's eyes gleamed bright and the sun shining through the windows made them almost appear amber in color. They sparkled like a little kid's, almost innocent like, but Kevin was far from innocent. And with an amused look on his face his throws his hands up in the air screaming, "Ok! OK! I skull fucked Ezra! I SKULL FUCKED EZRA FITZ!!"

Bobby and I looked at him in shock as he started to become more animated and more excited. "Wait!? WHAT!?"

To be continued… AGAIN!
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