February 3, 2014

Chapter 22: Passion

The rising sun dimly lit our bedroom. The blinds are closed, but light creeps out of the corners of the two windows. It makes the room appear to be a different color. The twilight glow of the early morning makes the walls pink, majestic and tranquil. Everything is quiet except for his inhale and exhale of breath.

He is sleeping on his side. His back is facing me. He is completely naked. The bed sheet is just barely covering his lower half. I crack a smile because I can see a little butt crack. It is milky white with a little bit of light brown peach fuzz running down the middle. I always thought his butt was cute. I run the back of my hand down his backside feeling the fuzz. He does not stir. I giggled a little trying to muffle the sound with my pillow. I do not want to wake him.

I nudged myself closer to him and draped my right arm over his stilled body. He moved his arm slightly so I am able to slip my right arm under his. I can tell he is not awake and the movement was more out of instinct. I am spooning his naked body and caressing his chest. The small patch of chest hair he has directly in the middle tickles me in between my fingers. I love his little bit of chest hair. I love to play with it.

The room is cold from the fan and air conditioner, but I am warm by the heat expelling from his body. I moved my right leg next to his and just like with his arm, he instinctively lifts his right leg, so I am able to slip my leg in between his. I am pressed up against his body and we breathe in unison.

His skin is supple and the faint smell of his cologne lingered in the air. His smell always turns me on. I buried my face into his back so I can let the pungent aroma from his cologne and body seep into my lungs. It is intoxicating to me.

His body stirs slightly as I exhale. I can imagine the feel of my breath on his naked skin must tickle. He moaned deeply and buried his face into his pillow. I hold onto his body. His back is toned nicely and his shoulders are extremely broad. I always feel safe next him.

My hands travel down to his stomach and I feel a thatch of belly hair. He does not have a lot, but what he does have is soft and thick. I let my hand brush over it. He moved again and let out a husky sigh into his pillow. I moved my hand further down and brushed up against his penis. He is slightly aroused, but not all the way there yet. I grabbed it and yanked gently.

He reached over with his left hand and placed it on top of mine. Our fingers intertwine. He yanked on my hand forcing me even closer to him and locked his legs together so my leg is completely trapped between them. I let his penis go. He gently squeezed my hand and pressed his legs together and we rest like this for a few minutes while the morning sun slowing starts to invade our room. The bedroom walls are now an orange color.

I close my eyes and try to drift off, but he awakens me when he released his hold on my leg and unlocked his fingers from my hand. He rolled onto his back and stretched out. I opened my eyes quickly and watched as he stretched his body out on practically the whole length of the bed. The bed sheet is just barely covering him and it rests at his waist. He clearly is pitching a tent. I looked at his full arousal as he stretched, but closed my eyes when he stopped. I pretended I was asleep.

He rolled his body over to face me. I can feel his breathe on my face and I can tell he is staring directly at me. His eyes are burning into my soul. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a penetrating green gaze that looked at me intently. He cracked a smile that made the faint freckles on his nose move and dimples to appear by his cheeks.

He leaned closer to my mouth and planted a kiss on my lips. I brushed his light brown hair away from his forehead and a playful smile emerged on his handsome face. I leaned in and kissed his forehead.
“I’m going to put the coffee on,” I said as I started to sit up on the bed.
I am almost standing, but he quickly pulled me down to him and rolled me over so he is on top of me. He grasped both my wrists and forced them down on the bed while giving me that playful smile. He lets go of my wrists and as I started to move my arms, he forced them back down on the bed. He winked at me and licked his lips. He wants me to stay still and to obey. I want him always and I am more than happy to oblige.

He trailed kisses from my neck down to my chest, caressing my chest and lightly pinching my nipple. I moaned in excitement. As a grin appeared on my face, he worked his way back up to my lips. His thick tongue is forceful. It is bubble gum pink and delicious. The taste of him enveloped my mouth, invading, taking no mercy.

I lied there helpless unable to move from the weight of his body on top of me. He always renders me unable to have free will over my actions, over my mind, over my body. I want him. It scared me how badly I always wanted him. I know I am hopelessly and irrevocably in love with this man...

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