June 22, 2014

Photo: Jeremy Meeks and his Peen?

Everyone has seen the mugshot that has taken the internet by storm! Jeremy Meeks was picked up by Stockton police on weapons charges and he shortly became an internet sensation after the Stockton police department shared his mugshot on their Facebook page. The mugshot, then was shared by every straight woman and gay man everywhere! The picture reached over 90,000 likes!

After the mugshot went viral, other pictures of Meeks leaked and it's safe to say that sometimes people just take a really good picture. 

Orange is definitely NOT the new black for Meeks. Though, in his defense many people cannot pull off orange. 

After the sexy mugshot reached the corners of the universe, people were questioning Meeks sexually. He confirmed he was straight, married and has children. Jeremy Meeks is currently being held on $900,000 bail. Words of advice for Mr. Meeks, invest in soap on a rope and don't drop it. I've seen a lot of gay prison porn.

Personally speaking Jeremy Meeks doesn't do anything for me, but I will admit he has very pretty eyes. 

CLICK HERE for Jeremy Meeks "alleged" nude photos. If these photos are real, then maybe gay prison porn is in his future.