September 15, 2010

Bi Bi Closet Case

So I was cleaning out my closet today (I know it's been awhile since I've been in the closet) and it got me thinking about all those "closet cases" out there.  It must be so hard for them to express who they really are. I've been out since I was 20. Some of my friends that are younger than me were out when they were in high school! I can't even imagine that. I was picked on enough as it is. My friend Lynn said, "I'm pretty sure everyone knew you were gay when you came out of your mom's vagina with your lipgloss, screaming HELLO WORLD!" She's probably right. I think people knew before I knew.

Before I admitted I was a full blown sausage jockey, I use to tell people I was bi. This seems to be common in the early stages of "coming out." Some boys though still use the bi term because they can't accept the gay label. Almost like it's "too gay" to say gay. My ex-boyfriend (lying piece of shit that he is) to this day will say that he is bi, although he hasn't been with a girl since high school. He used to tell me he was still attracted to girls. Heck I'm still attracted to girls too. I love the boobs, but wouldn't go near the pink taco with someone else's penis. My ex's parents weren't accepting of his lifestyle at all. It did put a strain on our relationship. He was included in all my family events, but I was not included in theirs. I really think his parents are the reason he liked the bi term so much.

My crush Mr. Andy uses this "bi thing" too. He's not completely out yet and his family doesn't know. His mom confronted him about it a few weeks ago, but he lied to her and said he wasn't gay. He told me that she knows he's lying though and he can't be out with his family because they say it's wrong. This has to be the reason it's easier for Andy to tell people he trusts that he is bi rather than gay. He'll admit he likes girls and he'll even hit on them, but when you start talking about vagina he turns green. (yeah, bi my ass) I tell Andy it's only a matter of time afterall isn't bi just a layover into Gaytown anyway?

The Closet Case can also comes in the form of "straight men." Just ask Kevin he's had sexual encounters with at least 5 questionable straight men. He actually kind of has a fetish about it. I don't know any straight man though that would turn down a blow job. Some guys think a hole is just a hole especially if they're intoxicated. Question is, would you consider these so called straight men bi or are they just whores? I guess we will have to see if these straighties troll the gay bars eventually. Sooner or later everyone has to come out of that cluttered closet to be happy. You can't live a lie forever.