September 27, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

Silver Foxes, Sugar Daddies, or Mature Lovers, whatever you call them they are out there. Youth obsession just doesn't appeal to the straighties it also occurs in the gay world. Why are all societies obsessed with being young? I have fallen victim to it as well. I've been using anti wrinkle cream since I was 25 and I'm a total product junkie! Trust me you don't want to open the drawers in my bathroom! I had the mindset that when I reached 30 my life would be over. Shockingly I'm still alive, but I do feel like I'm being traded in for a younger model. When I was younger I was called a twink, but what am I considered now? What comes after twink? Twank?

Why do "Daddies" go after the young ones? Is it so they can feel young again or are they looking for arm candy? Bobby has a good friend who is quite older then he is (we'll call him Daddylicious) and he's obsessed with youth. I've asked Bobby how old he thinks Daddylicious is and he actually had no clue. My guess would be around late 40's. He's attractive for a mature man, but he always goes after kids who just got out of high school. (Hugh Hefner called and wants his house robe back.) I know age is just a number, but what can he have in common with someone so young? And why does he hang out with Bobby? I wonder if Bobby will get traded in for a younger model eventually.

Sometimes you encounter younger gay guys whom prefer older men. Kevin will happily admit he has thing for silver foxes. He does have an age limit though and dates no one over 45, but he's only 22. So what does a 22 year old and 45 year old have in common? Well if the older gentleman has kids they both watch the Disney Channel. Kevin says the reason he prefers older men is because they are more mature and tend to be drama-free. Maybe Kevin's right after all most things do taste better with age.

I've noticed since I'm getting older I tend to get hit on by 18 to early 20 year olds or the 40 to 45 crowd. There seems to be no happy medium. Guys my age aren't into guys my age. Just look at underage night at our local gay bar, it's Thursday nights 18 to enter 21 to drink. The bar is filled with twinks and the daddies who love them. I don't stand a chance. Guys my age either want younger or older. So when I turn 45 does this mean I'll be trolling for twinks on underage night at the bar? Nah, think I'll have to find myself a Sugar Daddy and call it a day.