October 18, 2010

Opposites Attract, But Chemistry Keeps

I was having a conversation this morning with Knockers and we were talking about our pathetic love lives. He was complaining he attracts black men and old men, neither of which are the type he wants and I was complaining I attract young twinks and Asians, (NO MSG!!!!) which are certainly not the type I want. This conversation we had made me think about my relationship with Andy (or lack there of) and about dating someone out of your league. Can you date someone who you see as a 10, when you only consider yourself a 6? Opposites do attract. After all there always has to be some sort of yin-yang. (and if it's a big yang I'm all over that!) 

When I look back at my past relationships now all the guys were very different from me. Richard was an asshole and a slob. I'm nice (for the most part) and clean. JT was a mans man kinda guy, who likes to get dirty and fix things. I hate getting dirty and my toolbox is pink. (enough said) My crush Andy and I couldn't be anymore opposite! He's Syrian (the broken English is hot), built, and a health nut. I'm fair skinned, petite, and I love fried food! See we are complete opposites, but somehow our friendship works. Maybe the key in a good relationship is to find someone who is really different from you and who can complete you. There, problem solved! If only it was that easy. 

Andy's been dating that Hick asshole now for awhile. AND although I believe in this opposites attract thing, I feel deep down that he just isn't right for Andy. Thursday night they got into a huge fight because apparently Hick was saying that he wants to do things his way. I will admit I was happy they broke up. It was a "Hills are alive with the sound of music" moment for me, cue spinning!

All week Andy and I had plans to go to the Takeover Event at Pistachio's and after his fight with Hick, he was saying how much he just needed a fun night out. BUT somehow between Thursday night and Friday afternoon Andy and Hick made up and Andy ended up going to the Takeover with another friend. Needless to say I was a bit upset. It turns out though the whole thing was a language barrier/misunderstanding He didn't mean to upset me and his friend only lived two mins away, so he was thinking what's the point in me driving all that way to pick him up. He still wanted me to go and he still wanted to hang out with me. 

Later on that night we ended up going to another bar and I end up texting to Andy "fuck u!" cause I felt like he ditched me and my other friends. Turns out that was a misunderstanding too. Apparently emotions and alcohol don't mix well. I guess I overreacted, Oops my bad. Saturday morning we apologized to each other. In a way I'm glad we had our little fight cause I think we are closer now. 

Saturday night I met up with Bobby, Daddylicious, Andy and Hick at the bar. Andy kept buying me drinks and it was a fun night till Hick came up to me and said, "Just between you and me, Andy sucks in bed!" I looked at him with this shocked look on my face. Why would he tell me this? What the hell was he thinking. I knew if Andy knew what he said it would just crush him and I became very angry. Someone call an exorcist I was about to go all Carrie White on prom night on Hick's ass. My response to Hick was, "Maybe it's not him, maybe there's no chemistry!" I told Bobby what had happened and that I wanted to run Hick over with my car. Bobby's advice, "take ur license plate off first so no one can report you." I like the way he thinks! I highly doubt this "thing" with Hick and Andy will last much longer. 

What I said was true if you think about it. It doesn't matter how different you are from someone, how opposite you may be, just as long as there's chemistry. Whomever I end up with all I have to make sure is that we have chemistry together and we can make each other laugh. If I can find that I think I'll be happy. If I don't find him that's what dildos are for.