February 21, 2011

Sex & The City Of Brotherly Love Part 2

...I awoke the next day disoriented and for a brief second I had to think where I was. I looked around Edward's apartment and he wasn't there, so I assumed he was at work. I needed coffee really badly so I attempted to make some. He has one of those Keurig Coffee makers. I love them but it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to turn the fucker on. It didn't dawn on me to check the back of the machine for the on switch! (I know total blonde moment!) When I finally I got it on then I realized he only had decaf left! Seriously? The whole point in drinking coffee is for the caffeine I don't care what anyone says. So there I sat on his sofa with my coffee (brown water) trying to put the pieces back together from the night before.

When Edward got home he filled in the missing chunks of my memory. Apparently his alarm had woken me up in the middle of the night and being disoriented I briefly thought his walk-in closet was the bathroom. He is really lucky I didn't start peeing. Flashback time; when I was 23 or 24 my friend Allen used to be a bartender at our local gay bar. (He was just a 'bar friend' back then. I never saw him outside of that atmosphere.) One night I was out by myself visiting him at the bar. Back then I went out a lot by myself and I dressed like a hoochy. Allen always hooked me up with free drinks, but looking like a hairless 100 pound twink I got a lot of attention from the older guys, so I got most of my drinks for free anyways. Let's just say I was hammered by the end of night! Allen being the good person he was actually took me home with him. Nothing happened of course, though he still jokes to this day that he should have fucked me when he had the chance. I did wake up that morning in just my skanky blue G-string. Well while I was drunk and at Allen's house I got up in the middle of the night and continued to use his dresser as a toilet. Yes I pissed all over his world! It's been years since that has happened, but Allen and I still talk about it as if it happened yesterday. We've been good friends since. Who knew some pee would bring a friendship together!

Sunday was a lazy day for us. Edward made me breakfast and got me real coffee. We planned to meet his friend Lucy at National Mechanics Bar for some Bloody Mary's. I love a good Bloody Mary. Although sometimes I feel like the Bloody Mary mix should be a condiment for a hamburger.  They actually have a "build your own" set up, so if you're ever in Philly check out their brunch and Bloody Mary's. I freaking adored Edward's friend Lucy she was such a character. They both kept grabbing my phone to go on Grindr to see where the closest hot guy was. It was kinda like a game of 'where do you think he is?' Back home Edward make me dinner (which was fab) and we watched the Grammy's (which wasn't so fab. Can we say disappointment?)
Sunday night we crashed early. We were laying in bed and I could tell he was going to make a move. I'm not stupid, usually when a guy caresses your back, shoulders and chest he wants to put his Willy Wonka in your Chocolate Factory. We of course started kissing which lead to clothes coming off, which lead to me being naked in a compromising position. Did we have sex? Some would argue yes and no. Although his Willy Wonka did not have the 'golden ticket' you still may refer to me as "Deepthroat!" I personally count any sexual activity as sex even if there's no penetration. The only thing I don't count is handjobs. Handjobs are more foreplay. I only count handjobs if both parties are involved and both parties finish. Everyone has their own opinion on this, but if someone would ask if I had sex with Edward the answer would be yes. Considering I haven't been with anyone since JT, (a year and six months ago) I can pretty much count anything at this point! Even sitting on the washing machine during spin could be considered sex for me. When I told Kevin what had happened at first he called me a dirty whore (I always call him one) and he said I can absolutely count it. He wants to go out and celebrate my skankness. More like any excuse to have a couple drinks.
Monday was Valentine's Day. So Edward and I celebrated an Anti-Valentine's Day.(I got him an Anti-VD card and made him a mix CD with Anti-VD music on it.) He gave me a tour of the city explaining what this building was and that building. He is a mountain of knowledge. He knows the history of things and the story behind everything. It was beautiful outside and I had my own personal tour guide. I haven't walked around Philly like this since I was on a field trip in Grade School! He took me out for lunch to this vegetarian Chinese place. Everything on the menu was vegetarian. It wasn't to bad I had Sesame Chicken (which wasn't chicken obviously. I wonder what it really was?) We did a little shopping in Chinatown. He bought me these cute little Hello Kitty Candies and then we went back to his apartment to watch Burlesque on this bootleg copy he had. I really liked Burlesque, but I'm a huge Chrissy fan I love that dirty skank and any movie that shows Cam Gigandet's ass is worth watching!

So what's the most Anti-VD thing you can do at night? Well the answer to that is bowling! We met Edward's friends for some bowling fun at North Bowl. I hadn't gone bowling in like 7 years! I think the last person I was bowling with was James when we were on vacation. I remember I tried to roll my ball down the lane, but I didn't wait for that metal thingy to set the pins up and my ball bounced off the metal thingy and went down a couple lanes! That was so embarrassing. I actually had fun bowling. North Bowl is pretty big. They had a couple bars and they are best known for their tater tot menu. They had me at drinks and tater tots, fuck the bowling! BUT I did bowl an ok game. I came in third place and there was 10 of us that played. It was also entertaining to watch Lucy put her bowling ball between her legs and roll it. She actually managed to get one strike doing that!
Tuesday night was my last night in Philly so Edward took me out for some razzle dazzle. (He calls it that) We went to Sampan for happy hour. They have a modern Chinese flare. Their happy hour menu is good. I recommend you try some dumplings if you wanna check it out. Most local restaurants treat Edward like he is a king (or queen) because of his job (he's a VIP manager for a hotel) so when guests asked where to go he tells them to check out the local businesses that have the best food. It's a win, win situation because the restaurants are getting business from the recommendations and his guests are happy with their experiences. (for the most part some people you can't please.)

After happy hour we went to Opa for dinner. One of Edward's friends actually just opened it and asked him to come check it out. Mom and Pop places like these need recommendations from people like Edward so that when people come to town they try something new besides the normal chain. The local hotels and the tourists actually keep these places afloat and if hotels didn't suggest these places they'd get overlooked by all the competition. Opa specializes in modern Greek food. The place was beautifully decorated but small. For it being a newer restaurant it wasn't very crowded but I could see it getting pretty crammed in there if it was busy. The food was amazing though! I recommend the grilled octopus and their Greek Burger. I loved all the sauces. They a had this feta cheese type buffalo sauce and of course cucumber sauce (I love me some white cucumber sauce. Licky, licky yum, yum) which you dipped pita bread and veggies in. The cocktails were all very good. I tried a few of course. They put their Greek flare into them. All and all I was very impressed and it was a different type of place then I'm used to. I loved it.
 Tuesday night was the perfect ending to my visit. I enjoyed the razzle dazzle side of Edward but it's not really who he is. It's just his job. He's a video game playing, coloring, arts and crafts making, chilling out watching a movie kind of guy. Very down to earth and very free spirited. He actually brings out that free spirit in me a little. Which I actually need to be like that more often. After we got back to his apartment I gave him a massage and yes a "happy ending." (I know, right! What am I Asian!?) When we went to bed he pretty much passed out when he hit the pillow, but I couldn't sleep at all and it wasn't because of his snoring or that sucking the air thing he does. (I don't know it's weird it's like a reverse snore!) He told me it must be all the cock he is sucking in his dreams or maybe the reason he is so skinny is cause he eats in his dreams? I couldn't sleep because me being me analyzes everything. I started to break down everything that had happened and played it in my head like a movie. I wondered what would happen next? The story clearly isn't finished.
I packed the next day. Edward was at work. He texted me saying, "I don't want you to go." To be honest I didn't want to go either, but with everything, all good things must come to an end. So what will happen between Edward and I? Honestly I don't know. He has more baggage than what Paris Hilton brings to the airport! (That one was for you Knockers!) As I write this now he is actually in Atlanta (I had to tell him the city was in Georgia. I felt like I was talking to Kevin for a second!) for work and he may or may not come back. He might have a job opportunity down there that he can't pass up. Part of me feels like maybe he could be running away from his problems up here and feels like this is his fresh start. His redo button. Even though we are two different people and have entirely different views and opinions (mine are the right ones) I'll still be here if he needs me. I certainly don't agree with everything he does (seriously he needs to be smacked) but I know deep down he is a good guy that just needs to figure his shit out. I hope he finds whatever he desires. At this point only time will tell.