March 29, 2011

Gay For Pay

Gay for pay is when you have a heterosexual male who will preform gay sexual acts for money. I've been noticing that the straight male is profiting off on our need (as gay males) for hot men to lust over. No matter where you go in our 'Gay World' you're gonna run into so called straight men that are pretending to be gay just to earn a living. Just think about it; that muscly Go Go Dancer at your local gay bar, the bartender, barback, club security, even the club owner are most times straight. The heterosexuals have found a way to make money off our lifestyle and it's 'Cha Ching' all the way to the bank.

I was at our local gay bar recently and this establishment is known to hire muscle looking kind of guys to dance. (If you call it dancing. Apparently swaying back and forth and flexing is dancing to these guys) Most times these guys do nothing for me. They dance around in G-Strings, Jockstraps, and Thongs to try to entice us to give them a dollar. (Yo, Hercules can you break a five?) They aren't allowed to be fully naked so they have to stay semi-covered. There's even guys that wear flake penis underwear (their real junk is actually behind it or in it. It's kinda like a prosthetic penis) I swear I can spot a fake dick a mile away. My ass has dickdar. When I get close to a nice one my ass puckers up, but if the dick is fake It wants nothing to do with it.

There was only a handful of times where the gay for pay dancer actually did anything for me. A few weeks go there was a hot one out at the bar who was actually a really good dancer. He did this dance move where he did a headstand and humped the air. It was pretty amazing. His outfit choices consisted of thongs. He had a hot body and at the end of night he came out in this see through mesh cocksock thing that left nothing to the imagination. (You could see the vein in his cock!) As Bobby drunkenly said in a voicemail to Krissy, "His steak and mash potatoes where out, if you know what I mean."

The porn industry has picked up on the gay for pay trend but if these men are having sex with other men are they still considered "straight?" Here's Bobby's take on the whole thing, "Gay for pay doesn't really impress me. I could see how some people may get very turned on by the "straight" guy having gay sex, but these are porns they aren't real. In my opinion the guy is no more straight then that naughty pizza delivery boy looking to get a nice 'fat tip', or the horny farm hand looking to 'plow a field'. At the end of the day you wanna see gay sex. Unless the fantasy itself helps you get off by them actually commenting that they are straight, then there is no difference." In my opinion if these straight guys are performing gay sexual acts on other men then they really should be calling themselves "Bi."

Websites like; Fratmen, Fratpad, HazeHim, DickDorm, Sean Cody and others all feature straights (there's of course some gay and bi-curious men too.) willing to do things for a buck. Alot of the websites are centered around a fraternity and show horny college boys fucking and sucking their way through school. These website are actually fake though. These so called "fraternities" were created to provide an illusion that this behavior happens when you put sexually active men together. These fratboys went through screenings and auditions just like anything else, it's an act for the camera. Just think about it when in your life have you've seen a frat house full of guys that look like that?? Seriously frat boys have bad skin and beer bellies! The gay porn industry seems to market the same type of boy. They are always 20 something jock types with 6% body fat, cum gutters (six pack abs) and a desperate need for money. The more money offered the more intense the sexual act.

If you watch MTV on Wednesday night you'll meet a gay for pay who actually made it to mainstream television. Dustin Zito from The Real World: Las Vegas was a gay for pay. He went by the name of Spencer for the porn sites. On the very first episode he tells us that he was a model and worked for this website where he walked around naked on a webcam. He stated that the website was actually geared towards gay men and featured college aged boys in a fraternity. When he got The Real World gig he kinda sugar coated things with MTV a bit saying that he never really performed gay acts. (um oral sex and handjobs with another guy sounds like gay acts to me) Apparently the gay sites were suppose to take every picture and video of him down (as far as I know they have now unless it's on someones personal site) of course the sites took their sweet time. The porn sites aren't stupid they know people are going to look him up and pay to see him play with another guy.

You could consider mainstream actors gay for pay as well. Television production companies realize the importance of putting gay characters on tv. Darren Criss (Blaine) from Glee "came out" so to speak as straight. He has said in interviews, "It doesn't matter if I'm gay or straight, I'm just playing a role." In a recent episode he had a scene where he kissed Kurt. (played by Chris Colfer who is a real gay) The kiss was actually epic and has created both positive and negative feedback. Darren Criss goes on to say, "I think it's more empowering to everybody, including myself, if I'm articulate about identifying myself as a straight male playing a gay character. Ultimately, that's more powerful for both communities." This is one case where being gay for pay has created positive role models for young gay teens. More and more actors are jumping at the chance to play gay characters. On 90210 Trevor Donovan's character (Teddy) came out of the closet and gays everywhere got a little wet in their crotches. Yes he really is that yummy! If you think about it almost every television network features a gay character somewhere on their lineup and most times he is a young jock pretty boy kind of type. Sex sells and we're buying it.
So why do you think we find straight men so appealing? Why are porn sites marketing straight and so called bi-curious men (bi is really just a sausage ride away from Gayville anyway.) to the gay community? Well to really break it down simple. I seriously think the reason why we love straight men is because most of them are unattainable. (It's a fantasy and desire.) You know what they say when you can't have something that's when you want it the most. After all we are gay we love men! Manly men! Gimme, gimme! Some gay men also enjoy the challenge of trying to sleep with straighties. It becomes kind of like a game. (For most the idea of possibly changing a straight guy is a turn on.) Three percent of men report having a sexual experience with the same sex this past year. I'll be honest I like to flirt with straight men and most actually find it a compliment. Have I ever had sex with a straight man? No, everyone I've been with were gay, but I have made out with at least two different straight guys before. They were drunk. One even stated "I bet you're really good at giving head." and kinda suggested that he was interested. I of course didn't take him up on his offer.
Kevin seems to have a straight guy fetish (the perfect market for the gay for pay industry. He is also the average age these porns go after.) whether it's porn or actually hooking up with so called straight guys. He's been confirming straightness since 1999. When I asked him why he liked them so much his reply was, "Well when you hook up with them you know it's all good because there's no strings attached. It's like a nice hump and dump. I had fun and they don't really want to bring it up again for fear that someone will find out. OR most times they just don't remember because they were really that fucked up." (Cough, whore haha)

This past weekend I was invited to a house party at my friend Lukas's and I dragged Kevin along with me. It was a very diverse group of people full of fags, hags, and stags. Kevin and I did a little 'basket shopping' (when you check out a guy's package in his pants) and drank a lot of cosmos. (which we will now call Devil's Drank. Lukas had cosmos mixed up on tap and he must have made at least five batches.) After Kevin's third glass of cosmo he then asked Lukas, "Can I have my next drink in red Solo cup?" Lukas looked at him puzzled and I said, "He's known to break things and spill stuff." I was right even with the Solo cup he managed to spill a little pink cosmo on his white T-shirt. (I have to remember to start carrying the Tide Pen) There was a few really good looking straight guys at this party. Here we go again. When one of the guys came in Kevin got all excited and said, "Wow he's really hot I wonder if he's straight?" Lukas replied, "Um Kevin you aren't saying that in your head. It was audio, everyone heard you. Yeah he's straight leave him alone." Oh snap!

I think the most interesting part of my evening was at the end of the night. This kinda cute 20 something gay guy Aaron drank a little to much and ended up getting sick. Someone put him to bed and Kevin and I went upstairs to check on him. Kevin was talking to other people in the room and I was chatting with Aaron. He pulled the blanket off himself to show me he had no pants or underwear on. He smiled and laughed I quickly threw the blanket back on him before anyone else saw and said, "Hunny cover your twig and berries." It was really funny and he pretty much passed out shortly after that. The next day he messaged me and had no recollection of what happened.

I guess what it all comes down to is that men in general are visional creatures (that's why 70% watch porn) so as long as we are attracted to the guy it doesn't matter if he is bi, gay, or straight we'll be interested. It's all about the eye candy! As long as there's straight men willing to play gay, well be willing to pay. Would I ever be "straight to date?" Well considering I practically shit glitter I think that's impossible. I love my girls, but Ew pooter.