July 26, 2011

Photo: Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes from MTV's Teenwolf. He plays Jackson a popular bully lacrosse star who has his shirt off in a lot of scenes. Colton was actually featured in a gay youth magazine when he was younger. He modeled with another guy. The pictures were of him frolicking and kissing the another male model. I did an actual post featuring the pictures, but had to remove them when the photographer threatened to sue me. He stated I did not ask for his permission (I did give him credit for the photos though.) and that I was to remove them or legal action would be taken against me. The photographer also contacted other websites that featured these pictures. This tells me that the photographer wants to cash in on Colton's increased popularity and wants money for the pictures to be used. Bottom-line when someone threatens to sue you, you've made it and your website matters.

Anyways... Colton's hot even hotter now and I'd gladly gnaw on his bone.