July 21, 2011

Question: What Am I?

What has a 30 inch waist, weighs about 165 pounds, is about 6 feet tall, wears a size 11 shoe (hello!) has short brown hair, dark brown eyes, facial hair, deep voice, very little body hair, and an above average sized penis? If you guessed Derek your answer would be correct. Feel free to lust after him now call 1-900-Gay-Derek 69¢ a minute. (just kidding)

After discussing the post Otters, & Cubs, & Bears Oh My! with Derek he posed a good question. "If you're too old to be considered a Twink, too young to be considered a Daddy and aren't hairy enough to fall under the Bear categories, then what are you? Would you be considered just gay then? That's kind of boring."
The gay universe has many different types of gay men and these men are placed in different categories. We label everything from a man's physical appearance, such as Twink, Bear, etc. to a man's sexual preference such as Top, Bottom, etc. It is said in fashion "That the label is the best part." But are the labels we place on people valued the same? If this is the case then where's my man with the Armani label!? I love me some Italian!

In my early twenties I was always called a "Twink" because I was skinny and smooth. Now that I'm in my early thirties I still kind of look like a Twink, but don't want to be called one. The label of Twink suggests immaturity and inexperience. They represent the gay newbie. The fresh fagling. Honestly I can't stand Twinks. I avoid underage/kiddie nights at bars at all cost! Derek said we need to coin a new label for the in-between Twink and Daddy crowd. If we do that are we just adding fuel to the flamer? As I have stated before, "Why can't we just be men who are attracted to other men? Why do we need to have all these labels? Wouldn't it be best to just not use any of these labels? Labels are for soup cans not for people." The whole label thing could be viewed as just fun, (as it really should be) but people do take it to the extreme. Where's the limit? How far is too far?

  Question: If we came up with a label (just for fun) for the gay in-between crowd what would we call it? How do you feel about all the gay slang labels? Do you feel we need them or are they ridiculous? Do you think these labels put a stigma on the gay community?
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