August 23, 2011

Photo: Trevor Donovan

The gorgeous Trevor Donovan (born October 11, 1978) is as close to a real life Ken doll as they come. In fact rumor has it there was talk of him actually taking on the role as "Ken" for an upcoming Barbie movie. I hope they keep him anatomically correct. “Come on Barbie, let's go party!” That plastic bitch really does have everything.

Trevor is best known for his recurring role on 90210 as Teddy Montgomery. The CW then announced that he was upgraded to series regular. In the third season his character come out as gay. I personally love Trevor's character Teddy. Not only does he make my insides tickle, he also doesn't fit the typical gay stereotype that many other shows follow. He isn't the sassy, bitchy gay sidekick or the slutty sausage riding whore. His character is just a normal guy who likes other guys and who is looking for love. I personally think his Teddy character is a good role model for the gay community.

It was reported that in the Fourth season of 90210 that he would not be back as series regular and would be written out of the show. Trevor went on to say, “I look back on getting this real-life story line as a blessing. To be able to simultaneously take on a challenging role and bring awareness to a relevant social issue was a win-win for me. I’m looking forward to what opportunities and adventures lie ahead.”

Recently the CW has stated that Trevor will be back for a handful of episodes just not as a series regular. There is also a rumor about him possibly having a new love interest on the show.

Trevor's character Teddy actually portrays gay single life in a positive way, but do other gay characters on TV do a good job at representing the gay community?

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