September 8, 2011

The Bed Farthest From The Door

As I opened the door to the guest room and placed my bags on the small twin bed farthest from the door, I asked Lindsay if she had a bed preference. She said "no, this is good" and placed her belongs on the other bed across from mine. The beach house on Mystic Island smelt beachy. You know that smell of salt water and fresh air. It instantly puts me in a relaxed state of mind. I had been stressing about money, a job, my life and I do believe because of all that, I made myself sick the previous week. The beach house with it's beige color palate had a calming affect on me. There wasn't any doubt that this was a getaway kind of home. Sean immaculately decorated it with beach and shore paraphernalia. Colorful crabs, pictures of fish, shells and whitewashed furniture were spread throughout the two bedroom, one bathroom house. It was like the beach threw up all over, but in a good way. It was cute. Everything about it was cute and I actually loved it. We always spend most of the time when we are there hanging out on the screened-in porch that overlooks the water. It's peaceful, relaxing and fun to spy on the other houses across the way.

I've been to Sean's parent's beach house quite a few times. James and Sean periodically invite me down with them when they need to get a way from daily life. The last time I was down here it was 110 degrees outside! Of course being as crazy as we are, James, Sean and myself thought it was a good idea to lay out on the beach at Long Beach Island (LBI). Being a ginger I actually remember getting a little color, which was good because I was so white, I practically was translucent. Thank god I don't freckle!

I remember it being so insanely hot. All these hot shirtless boys riding around on bicycles and folding scooters it was like meals on wheels. Of course a trip to LBI isn't complete unless you have chowder from Country Kettle Chowda. It was 110 degrees out, there we were eating lobster bisque outside and watching the scenery. Practically melting! Soup in 110 weather isn't a good idea.

  The time before that it was the dead of winter and colder than Jack Frost's balls! We went to Atlantic City to go shopping at the outlets and a little gambling. We met up with the guy had been dating at the time, Dan and his Fag Hag and her husband. Because James won a couple times at the casino he treated all of us to dinner. After dinner Dan's Fag Hag and her Husband went back to their hotel for a little breeder nookie time, while Dan went back to the beach house with us.

I started dating Dan shortly after Richard and I broke up. I needed a rebound so to speak and someone to make me feel good about myself. Dan was super nice and kinda cute. In some way he reminded me of Richard and in other ways he was completely opposite. I felt safe and scared all at the same time.
At the beach house James, Sean, Dan and myself watched a movie. Dan and I cuddle on the smaller couch and he played with my hair. I caught him once in awhile staring at me and smiling. When it was time for us to go to bed Dan of course slept in the guest room with me. I took my shirt off and climbed into the twin bed farthest from the door in just my blue and yellow briefs. Dan took his pants off and button down shirt off. He had a grey t-shirt and black boxerbriefs on. He pulled the blanket back on his bed and climbed under it.
The room was quiet and dark except for outside lights shinning in through the blinds which I hadn't closed all the way. I could hear Dan moving his blanket and sheet. He said, "You know what?" I answered, "What?" He paused for a second and continued, "I forgot to tuck you in. I feel like I should have tucked you in and gave you a kiss goodnight." I was thinking to myself this could only lead to trouble. Yeah I'm sure you wanna "tuck me in" alright, more like tuck your cock in me, but I of course played along. He hopped over to my bed pulled the covers up to my neck and kissed my forehead. He said, "There is that better?" I giggled, "Yeah, much." As he turned to hop back into his bed he said, "Oh, I almost forgot." He turned around, bent down and kissed me. His kiss was strong but tender. He climbed on top of me in the bed and moved the covers back while kissing my neck. He climbed under the covers with me and we continued to make out. I took his shirt off and rubbed my hands over his slightly hairy chest. I would feel him getting hard in his boxerbriefs as he dry humped me. He took his underwear off and his penis bobbed up and down on my stomach. He kissed my chest and stomach till he got to the band of briefs and then he slowly took them off. Kissing my body as he went. His mouth came dangerous close to my ginger snap, but he didn't cross the line.

Dan sat straight up and pulled me up with him. His arms were wrapped around me as he kissed me some more. I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my body. He fell backward unto the bed and this time I was on top of him. I leaned forward to kiss him and he smacked his penis against my bare butt. Dan continued to rub it against my ass, gesturing that it wanted in.

  Thoughts of my ex Richard flooded my mind and I started to panic. I'm not ready for this! I am not ready to do this yet. I was terrified to have my heart broken again. I was terrified of rejection. Dan looked up at me and said, "Are you ok?" I looked down at him I was still on top of him at this point and I could feel his precum on my ass. "I'm sorry Dan I don't think I can do this yet. We haven't known each other long and I'm not ready." Looking up at me he smiled and said, "It's ok. I don't wanna pressure you. I know you were through a lot." He motioned to have me lay on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat and I rubbed his chest hair. We fell asleep in this position.

Dan's snoring woke me up. It sounded extra loud because I still had my head on his chest. It sounded like a truck was driving through. I climbed off of him grabbed the blanket and covered him up. He was still hard by the way. Poor guy had a bad case of blue balls. I crawled into the other bed where he was suppose to be sleeping and passed out. The sound of his snoring again woke me at 8:30. I looked around the room for my clothes and finally found my blue briefs in the corner of the room with a pillow on top of them concealing their view from my sight. I went out into the living and sat on the couch. Sean of course was already awake. He usually is the first one up. He looked at me and could tell something happened. I smiled at him and said, "There's a naked man in your bed." Sean laughed and said, "Ew!" (Sean sleeps in the bed furthest from the door when his parents are at the beach house.) "Nothing really happened. We just made out and he smacked my ass with his dick." Sean laughed, "Aww sweetie!" Our trip to the beach house that winter was fun, but my relationship with Dan ended shortly after. I just wasn't ready for anything. I was too paranoid from my previous relationship with Richard.

The beach house always brings back fond memories with James and Sean. One time we took the peddle boat out in the lagoon. The boys peddled in the front while I rode in the back doing my royalty waves and sipping my rum and coke like the princess I am. We didn't get very far apparently peddling is not a great means of transportation and the boys were exhausted by the time we got to the middle of the lagoon. Lesson learned, get hired help to peddle.

This trip to the beach house was slightly different. James, Sean and I picked up Lindsay on our way down. We all needed a little vacation and escaping for a 3 day weekend sounds perfect. We arrived Saturday evening and after dropping our stuff off at the house we had dinner at Allen's Clam Bar. Allen's isn't much to look at. In fact it looks like it should be on the show, 'Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.' Lindsay said, "I love these kind of places they always have the best food and I'm so hungry I'm about to lick that clam!" I'm sure if there would have been a lesbian around her ears would have perked up at "lick that clam" She was right the food is really good. The menu is your placement and almost everything on the menu is seafood and caught fresh.
Of course with a name like Allen's Clam Bar they had almost every variation of clam except bearded clam. (Yuck) I personally recommend the crab cakes. It's the only time you'll ever feel this good about having crabs. Allen's is BYOB, but conveniently there's a liquor store across the street. You can't have seafood without wine. It's just madness! It's sacrilegious!!

The next day after a fabulous breakfast of egg and cheese bagels (with bacon can't forget the bacon!) on the screened-in porch it was off to Atlantic City. I enjoy AC for one purpose and one purpose only...the shopping! Here there's an array of shops from high end like Louis Vuitton, outlets like Coach, Guess, and Lacoste. And fun restaurants. The people watching is fun. You'll see the rich, the normal ones just looking for bargains and the Label whores. What's a label whore you ask? Well usually they are covered from head to toe in designer labels. They may not be rich, but to them it's always about creating the appearance of a status. Creating the appearance of having money. They usually are pretty easy to spot just look for the people that have designer labels spread throughout their clothing, placed where they are easily seen. To show off to the world. It's like a whore who has pubic lice and hickeys everywhere!

AC not only brought us outlet shopping, but also basket shopping. Basket shopping is when you check out other guy's bulges through their pants. James and Sean tend to do this a lot. It actually becomes a game. "Guess The Wiener." Sean with his fascination with big cocks and black men is always on the basket prowl. We even got Lindsay in on the activity. What kinda biscuits do you have in your basket?

After a little Asian dodging (AC was crawling with Asians! It was like Godzilla was on a rampage! Holy Asians, Godzilla!) and a little gambling (I only watched.) I needed to hydrate, "Gin and Tonic, please!" We ended up going back to Allen's after AC. Yes we went back it's that good! I swear Lindsay dreamt about crab cakes the night before. She did make a sucking sound as she slept. Hmmm

  The next day we ate at Dynasty Diner. Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict with a Bloody Mary! The breakfast of gay champions! Lindsay got the same thing of course but with a side of bacon it's all about the bacon! I think she dreamt about seafood and bacon almost every night. It was labor day and we hoped that Long Beach Island wasn't going to be too busy. I had my red, white and blue on (well my hair is red so the red is always there.) James said, "I have my blue and white, but no red accessories! Thank god my BFF is a ginger." I am the perfect pint sized companion.

LBI was fun we walked by the lighthouse, the weather was perfect. Of course we had some chowder from Country Kettle Chowda. Had to end our getaway with that and fudge. It is a tradition! Did I mention my trips with James and Sean usually involve food? Well food and basket shopping of course. There's always something that makes you wanna drool. The trip to the Mystic Island beach house was a success I think for all of us. I came home feeling relaxed, but miss my bed farthest from the door and hope to visit again soon. Plus I think I have crab withdraw now... Where's Kevin? Just kidding.