September 6, 2011

Question: How Much Is Too Much?

All over the Internet there has been this article about this 16 year old male that died from excessive masturbation. Some believe it to be true and others are saying it's a hoax. Some say he "beat himself to death!" If it's true I really feel sorry for him, he didn't even reach the prime of his life and obviously needed serious help. Here's some of the story. I wasn't able to find the original story from the Brazil newspaper if you find it please EMAIL it to me.

"A 16-year-old boy died after masturbating 42 times without stopping in Rubiato town, in Goiás region, Brazil.
His mother told a local newspaper that she already knew about his addiction and that she planned to see the doctor, but the decision came too late.
The young man began to masturbate at midnight and spent the whole night compulsively touching himself.
At school, his classmates commented on the boy's problem and some said he asked them to connect to the webcam to observe his behavior.
They further said that his attraction to women was extreme; he was attracted to all kinds of women, regardless of color, physique and age.
In his room a great amount of pornography was found, including photographs, magazines and videos of nude women that were saved on his PC."

I'd say the help "came" too late! I guess that pun was intended. I'm not exactly sure how they reached the exact number of 42 times. It's not like his mother was in there watching him. Some stated his classmates were watching and that's how they knew and others said they used this formula below to give an estimation:Estimate 7 hours x 60 = 420 minutes
420/42 = 10 minutes/time
Someone joked, "They counted all the puddles of shame or all the tissues."

Now whether this story is true or false one must ask some basic questions like how was he able to maintain an erection? Some men are able to masturbate for hours and even have several orgasms, but 42? Is that even possible? Most men have to wait for what is called a "Refractory Period." It is the period of time in men immediately following ejaculation, during which further erection or orgasm is not possible. Sometimes this period lasts anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the person. Now I assume since he was only 16 his Refractory Period was probably only 10 minutes between each squirt, but after so many times I would think continuing would have been painful. What about chaffing? Talk about "rubbing yourself raw!" and after so long wouldn't you just start puffing out air?

If this story is true the 16 year old boy was a sex addict. Sexual addiction is a phenomenon in which individuals report being unable to manage their sexual behavior and affects many people. Experts believe that sexual addiction is actually a form of obsessive compulsive disorder and refer to it as sexual compulsivity. Most likely they have other obsessive disorders as well.

  We've all heard that masturbation and sex is healthy, but exactly what could happen if you take it to the extreme?

Excessive sexual stimulation can cause acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions. This immoderate amount of stimulation can result in an over-production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin, causing a considerable change in body chemistry. Your body uses a lot of energy and testosterone to make semen. The side effects of these changes in body chemistry can manifest themselves as:
Hair loss
Memory loss
Blurred vision
Groin/testicular pain
Seminal leakage, otherwise described as the emission of sperm from the penis without an erection, is another common problem associated with extreme masturbation. This is a sign that the nerve keeping the ejaculation valve shut is weakening because of excessive use and over-stimulation. Like I said "rubbing it raw!"
Because over-masturbation distresses liver and nervous system functions, it can also lead to sexual exhaustion (even in younger males). The 16 year old could have actually died from distress on his liver and fatigue. It's most likely he didn't just start with 42 times. From the article above it looks like he had been engaging in excessive masturbation for quite some time. All these problems could have built up until his last marathon finally sent him over the edge.

Sex addiction such as this not only creates physical problems, but may get in the way of your work and family life the same way any other addictions (like alcohol or gambling) would. If you feel you have a sex addiction please seek professional help.

Question: Do you think the above article about the 16 year old could be true? And how much is too much? Where's the line between normal sexual activity and excessive sexual activity? What's your max number of how many times you polished your knob in a single day and would you consider yourself a sex addict?Please click on the blue comment link below to leave your answers.

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