November 20, 2011

Question: Who's Your TV Character Crush?

They step into your living-room or in some cases your bedroom every week. Your heart beats a little faster and the feeling of excitement overwhelms your whole body. Perhaps you sport a little chub and fantasize what it might be like to be your with infatuation. Of course I am referring to your TV character crush. It's common for people to develop crushes on characters they see on TV. For most people these character embody what our perfect mate would be from appearance to personality. I know it's a bit delusional. After all most TV characters are actually nothing like the actors that portray them. That's why they call it acting. But for some of us there's still that glimmer of hope that maybe our future lover will somehow resemble traits of our character crush. I asked some of my friends who their TV crushes were and this is what I found:
Bobby said, “Why am I unhealthily in love with Blaine Anderson? Well, from the very first time I saw the character of Blaine Anderson (played by Darren Criss) make his debut on Glee I was immediately crushing hardcore. He is literally my perfect man. He is cute and sexy, but its much more than that.  I think his personality is so adorable.
I have always had a soft spot for the "nice guy", maybe because I consider myself a nice guy as well. When he sings anything on that show its so full of life and passion. I don't want to offend the gay community but come on lets be honest, some of us lack a certain compassion or kindness towards others within our own community. I think why I love Blaine so much is because he isn't what I have seen to be "the typical gay man". He isn't sex driven, overly sarcastic to the point of rudeness or walking around like he is above everyone else.

I also thought the way Glee handled the idea of intimacy of Blaine and his on screen boyfriend Kurt Hummel was impressive. They took their time in their relationship. They went many episodes as just being friends before even a kiss occurred. Then very recently they tackled the notion of taking things to the sexual level and it was done in a very respectable way. Was it a touch unrealistic? Perhaps. But I think anything that might encourage gay youth to not be so obsessed with getting it on with whoever they want, whenever they want, is a great thing.
My crush only grew for him when I saw interviews with the actual Darren Criss and although he isn't actually gay, he is incredibly adorable when he is talking about any old topic. If you aren't sure just how ridiculously cute he is, watch the Rolling Stone interview with him on YouTube where he answers all the questions musically. You will melt.”
I can certainly see why Bobby has a crush on Blaine. I believe the writers and creators of Glee knew exactly what they were doing when they created the character and casted Darren. Blaine is the ideal gay man. He is the type of guy we all want as a boyfriend. His character was created to be lovable and to be loved by everyone whether gay or straight. He doesn't fit any stereotype. A pretty pink purse doesn't slap you in the face when he talks. There's no top, bottom, vers, masculine, fem shit. His character is just a guy who happens to like guys.

Darren Criss is arguably one of the "biggest stars" from the Glee ensemble. Sorry, Lea, but he has a penis so we are inclined to love him more. Here are some pictures of the behind the scenes footage of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Shoot. I sent one of the pictures to Bobby and his response, “He looks like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid!” Yeah there's no hope for him. He has it bad!

On Friday nights I find myself flipping through the channels but always stopping at CW's Supernatural. Dean and Sam Winchester always got my attention because duh, they both are smoking hot! But it was Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) that made me wanna hump my TV.

Kevin revealed that Dean Winchester is his TV crush and had this to say about him. “To me Dean has the perfect build for a man! He isn't too tall, I think he's my height or shorter (5'11ish). He has a nice slim, but yummy toned body! I love his character! He is like a hot male Buffy with a penis! I've Also seen Jensen in interviews, he seems funny, and sweet. Very approachable. Plus it helps that his face is to die for!”
I love the character of Dean Winchester because he is so manly. That deep voice, intense look and authoritative manner just does me in. Don't get me wrong both Dean and Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) are deliciously hot! But Dean just tickles my ginger more. Supernatural is on a Friday night. Who stays home and watches TV on Friday, right? There's a reason it's so popular and has lasted as long as it has. It isn't because of the writing. (Although some of the stories are fun.) It's cause of the hot guys. Just look how long Baywatch was on the air! Is it really wrong of me I wish some kind of incest relationship would occur between Dean and Sam? Maybe I watch too much porn, but it would be so hot. It's not like they are really brothers in real life. You've thought about it too!!!

My friend George had a list of crushes that ranged from the popular girl next door to a pop star/hunky actor icon! “When I was a kid my crush was Marcia Brady from The Brady Bunch.  Don’t know why, she just was. I didn’t know any better!”

Looks like even then it was Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Thank god George grew out of that!

“My first boy crush was Michael Vaughn. He was a character on the TV show Alias (played by Michael Vartan). Vartan was also in the films Never Been Kissed, and Monster In Law. I really fell for him in Never Been Kissed, because he played a teacher, and I have a thing for teachers. He’s not overly buff, very low key, and that really is what attracts me to him. Oh, and that killer smile too.”
I think we all were Hot For Teacher with Michael's character on Never Been Kissed. I agree it is that killer smile. Hello dimples! It was fun to watch the action side of him on Alias. Who wouldn't want to be rescued by him?

“I also had a thing for Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent in Smallville. He’s very muscular, but the low key, quiet kind. And he played a rural teenager who grew up on a farm, and I like the rural farmer boy type. Again, killer smile goes a long way too.”
Oh, Tom Welling how we all love that cornfed built country boy with baby blue eyes. Although he never really donned the traditional Superman attire, the writers of the show still managed to show off his super body! And with that Tom actually became our kryptonite.

“And then there’s Justin Timberlake….enough said!!! Hot, buff, singer, very outgoing and flambuoyant, and has a nice cock too! Those v-shape penis muscles make me melt!!”

When I asked George how he knew Justin had a nice cock he sent me a pic. I ALMOST didn't have the heart to tell him that the pic is completely fake. When I told him he said, “It's still hot.” If it was real I'm pretty sure it would look like anyways. I remember seeing Justin in concert when he was with *NSYNC and he leather pants were so tight you could tell the way he dressed it. Which was to the right by the way. Justin is the complete package. He is cute, built nice and so funny! I love him on Saturday Night Live.

I totally agree with all the TV characters mentioned above. They are major bone worthy. So what TV characters top my list? Well every single Thursday night I swoon like a thirteen year old girl looking at a Tiger Beat Magazine when Stefan Salvatore appears on my TV! The Vampire Diaries currently has to be my favorite show. I have always been a fan of vampire TV shows (Hello, Buffy!) and movies. Who wouldn't like to be adored and loved by a vampire forever with the dangerous possibility of them eating you? The entire male cast of The Vampire Diaries are hot, cum glutters and fangs. Call me a fang banger if you want. It's a guilty pleasure for sure.

Hawaii Five-O has come a long way since I was a kid. I now refer to it as Hawaii Five-Ohhhhh and it's all thanks to the new Steve McGarrett character. (played by Alex O'Loughlin) I love Alex! I was a fan of his since Moonlight (again another vampire show. I love my stiffs.) For me he embodies my perfect man. He has that tough I can do anything and that I'm going to fuck you all night long kind of intense stare! He is manly with a low key emotional side that only comes out when needed. A good guy with a touch of bad. AND let's not forget that insane body! Steve McGarrett is all American, but Alex is actually Australian with a cute accent. We can add ten points to his hotness scale just for being Australian. He'd make anyone wet down under.

Having a TV character crush is healthy. They are really carbon copies of what we want our perfect lover to be. No one is perfect but these characters kind of give you a starting point and a little fun fantasy never hurt anyone. It's all fun and games till you erect an altar in their honor and worship them like a god... If you're doing that I wouldn't tell anyone. *Blows out candles* “Shh!”

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