March 14, 2012

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This...

In between my normal erotic dream and the rare gooey wet dream there lie dreams my subconscious wishes were reality. I've been having the same dream now for a couple of weeks. I've dreamt about the same sequence of events 5 times now and each time I remember more and more. I wish it would come true. Maybe it doesn't need to manifest exactly, but some of it would be appreciated. Everyone has dreams but when do they cross the line from goals we want, to the delusional; the "it's never going to happen" dream. At what point do we give up?

I get ready for bed like normal, no before bed snacks, but maybe a little wank. I find that a little "self love" before bed helps me sleep. My dream always starts off the same way. I am awoken by my alarm clock always at 9:00 am. I assume the reason it's always 9:00 am is because I feel it's a sin to have to get up before 8 and 9 has always been the perfect time for me. Either that or it stands for inches, 9 inches is perfect for me. I walk into Kevin's room which is across the hallway from my bedroom and tell him, "Yo, bitch it's time to get up! You have a meeting today with a couple clubs." He of course moans and groans making a "merp" sound and adjusts his morning boner. Why am I dreaming about Kevin's morning wood? I have no idea, maybe it's because I'm used to seeing it when he sleeps over at my house and who hasn't seen Kevin's boner at least once? So it appears in my dream that Kevin and I are roommates. I pick up his dirty laundry that is on his floor and throw it into his hamper. I have always told him that if we ever did live together I would be picking up after him and I seem to tidy up his room like it's nothing. Kevin wobbles into his bathroom like a penguin in heat to get ready for work.

I head down our hallway, which feels like it takes forever. I walk into the kitchen and make coffee. The kitchen has large glass doors which lead to an outside balcony. The sun is shining through them and I feel it on my face. I go to the fridge to get cream for my coffee and there's all these pictures scattered across the front of it being hung by funny saying magnets. One of the magnets reads, "Sluts need to understand that STDs aren't Pokemon, you're not suppose to catch em all." It's holding a picture of Bobby and Kevin in place. The fridge has pictures of Kevin and I, James, Sean, Lynn, Kate, Knockers, Jules, Sven, and my mom spread on it. It has one picture fixed in place by a magnet that says "love" on it. It's a picture of me and some guy. I assume in this dream that he is my boyfriend. I can't see his face it's always blurry. He does look tan and has dirty-ish blonde hair. It's a picture of us on the beach and he is bent down kissing me. He looks tall in the picture and is in decent shape. Not too big, but not too skinny. For now, just picture Channing Tatum's body to get the idea.

Kevin finally emerges. He is dressed all business like with a dress shirt and tie. He goes into the fridge grabs his buffalo chicken pizza from the night before and pours himself some Dr. Pepper. I looked at him and say, "Skank, it's like quarter after nine in the morning, that's your breakfast?" He answers back, "That's 9:15, right?" This part of my dream tells me that no matter how fancy Kevin may be dressed he still is Kevin, time challenged and all. Kevin grabs his pizza and soda and heads out to the balcony. I follow behind with my cup of coffee. The balcony overlooks the beach and ocean and the weather is very warm. I have no idea where we are, but I have always wanted to live some place by the beach. I detest cold weather, so I assume this is Florida or California.

Kevin tells me about his day he has planned. In earlier dreams it was revealed that he is some kind of Club Promoter for half of the clubs in town, mostly gay ones. He has a meeting with a few new ones this afternoon. My response every time is, "Cool, new places to drink and eat for free. I love your job!" Kevin then asks me what I'm planning on doing for the day and I tell him, "I need to finish this book; my agent is up my ass again because I'm approaching the deadline, but I only have one chapter left to write." This part of my dream indicates that perhaps I'm writing my second book. It's kind of funny because I'm not even done writing the first book yet. Kevin then says, "I read your column last night about having a "Friends with Benefits" Relationship with a Neighbor. You are welcome by the way!" "Welcome!?" I questioned. "Kevin you do remember what happened the last time you fucked around with our neighbor we had to move! The guy went psycho." "That won't happen this time. The guy across the hall is completely sane, not cray cray!" Kevin said. "Yeah, yeah just be careful! You still afraid to bottom for him?" I asked. "YES! It's huge, you would love it, but it scares me!" I laughed at him. "No, that's ok. I'm perfectly happy with my boyfriend." I said "Where is he?" Kevin asked. "The lazy ass is still in bed we were up late last night watching old movies. He was snoring away when my alarm went off." I answered.

Kevin leaves for work and I type away on my laptop working on my final chapter. I sip on a Bloody Mary and occasionally glance down at the people playing volleyball on the beach. After some time passes I get up, go inside and walk down the hallway to my bedroom. I open the door and look at the bed. There he is. He is sleeping on his side. His back is facing me, I can't see his face. It would appear as if he was naked too. The bed sheet was just barely covering his lower half. I could see a little crack. I smiled, walked over to the bed and gently tapped on his left shoulder while saying, "Honey, it's time to get up. I'll make you lunch." He reaches his right hand over to his shoulder and places it on top of mine. Then he slowly begins to roll over on his back and just when I'm about to look him in the eyes… my alarm goes off and I wake up!

I always wake up from this dream wishing I hadn't woken up! Like come on!! Who is the guy!? When your dreams are better than your reality, don't you just wish that you could sleep forever? I wish that my everyday life was the dream and my reality was that apartment overlooking the beach. I believe the reason I keep dreaming about this is because it's actually what I want. Maybe not exactly, but a version of it. I don't want riches or fame. If anything this dream says I want the simple things. I want that cute apartment, my friends to be happy, a job I love everyday and of course love. I'm not really asking for much, but then at the same time, I'm asking for everything. I've told Kevin about this dream and he wants it to come true just as much as I do. I can only hope that someday a version of it will come true. I won't let it go. We all need dreams, we all need something to look forward too. Without dreams then that would really be a nightmare.