July 30, 2013

Chapter Sample From: Salty Aftertaste

Sandy Cracks

Benjamin, Bobby and Kevin headed down to the beach. I needed more time to wake up. I am certainly not a morning person like Kevin and his peeping fiasco had me up earlier than I had anticipated. 

Haley and I decided to meet them there in about an hour. This way I had time to drink some coffee, apply sun block to protect my delicate fair ginger skin and maybe have time to rub one out. 

The walk to Poodle Beach, Rehoboth’s gay beach is about 10 minutes from our beach house. It is at the other end of the boardwalk, passed all the shops, games and vendors. Haley and I walked along side each other carrying out beach totes stuffed with towels, sunblock and water.

Our walk was interesting first; we passed families on top of families. Breeders with their children littered the boardwalk. Screaming kids complaining that they wanted water ice and one boy ran by us dragging a boogey board behind him and almost knocked Haley over.

The closer we got to Poodle Beach, the gayer our surrounds got. Families turned into muscular bears, sliver haired foxes, hairless twinks with 2% body fat, and homos that were somewhere in the middle. Too old to be considered a twink, not hairy enough to be a bear, a twank, perhaps?

A huge tan hairy bear walked passed us. He was wearing a black leather harness across his hairy chest, and a black speedo. He had each nipple pierced and sliver aviator glasses adorned his face. They matched his nipple jewelry. As he walked on by, both Haley and I stopped, looked at each other and then proceeded to check out the leather daddy’s backside. His back was as hairy as the front and hair protruded out from the band of his speedo. He reminded me of a porn star I saw in a fetish porn about fisting. 

“Only in Rehoboth would we see Jon and Kate Plus Eight, styled families and a hairy leather daddy ready to punish some poor hairless sub,” I said.

“It is rather eclectic,” Haley expressed as she ran her fingers through her golden locks. “See anything you like Jason?”

“Lots! I’ve been basket shopping this entire time,” I exclaimed.

“Basket shopping,” Haley inquired.

“You know when you stare at hot guys packages and try to figure out how big they are.”

“That’s funny,” Haley laughed.

“Yeah it’s like swaying pork sword heaven here! I just want some balls in my face.” Haley just rolled her eyes at me.

When Haley and I finally arrived to where our boys were, they had everything already set up. I set my towel on the hot sand and glanced around a little. The weather was nice and the beach was not crowded at all. A salty breeze went up my nose and I let nature sink in.

Kevin got up out of his beach chair that he placed under the umbrella he brought and ran down to the water with his arms flailing. I watched him splash around as if he was a little kid. Hlooked so happy and innocent. Haley and I watched him as he rode the waves to shore. He went back and forth with not a care in the world.

“Look at him go,” Haley exclaimed.

“Aw he looks like he is 12,” I laughed.

“It’s cute.”

As a wave came crashing in, it knocked Kevin over and made his swim trunks fall down a little. He literally rolled onto shore. I saw a sandy ass crack rolling in our direction and all Haley and I heard was Kevin yelling, “Ouchie.” He then pulled his swim trunks up and got right back into the water. 

Benjamin was lounging in a beach chair reading a book. He was completely disregarding everyone and everything. When I said hello he did not even flinch until he finished a chapter. Then he glared up from his book and winked at me. Benjamin had his chair completely in the sun and although he had not been on the beach long, I could tell he was already getting color. 

Bobby was laying on a tribal print rug. His long body barely fit on the oversized rug. He was flat on his back directly in the sun. His body glistened in the sunlight as if he was just at a bukkake orgy. The ocean breeze could not budge his perfectly coiffed hair. Only Bobby would come to a beach with his hair styled to perfection.

Haley sprawled out on a towel next to me. She applied sunblock and laid down. I positioned myself down on my stomach with my head propped up, so I could look at the ocean. I wanted to watch Kevin to assure that he did not drown or a shark would not snatch him up. By shark, I meant the older men that were trolling around. They treated every pretty thing as if it were their prey.

The gay beach amused me. You see all different types of bodies. Some big, some small, some average, some fit and every gay man has a different kind of swimsuit on, from board shorts to barely there speedos in every color and pattern you could think of. Men flaunting their bulging packages in banana hammocks, and army square cut swim trunks accentuated every ass. I spotted a few hardons and got glimpses of a lot of crack from board short wearers that were going commando. 

The big men looked all tough and rugged running on the beach as if they were straight out of an episode of Baywatch. However, when they hit that water their arms flailed out and when they went to speak glittery rainbow purses came flying out of their mouths.

I heard many guys screaming "Hey girl, Hey girl!"

One tight and toned guy ran down into the water and then he squealed with the most possible gayest voice he could muster, "Oh my god it feels fabulous!"

It just goes to show never judge a book by its cover. Just because he appeared macho does not mean there is not an inner queen dying to get out when your fun noodle hits the cool water. 

Kevin clambered back to our towel set up. He looked exhausted from the waves tossing him around. He grabbed his Power Ranger beach towel, toweled off and then plopped down in his beach chair.

Kevin let out a sigh of relief, “Well that was fun but my boy taint is sandy!”

“Yeah I saw. How many times did you pee in the ocean,” I inquired.

“Two times,” Kevin answered. “The world is my urinal”

Adjacent to us on the beach there was this attractive guy all alone sunning himself in a black Speedo. I did not noticed how hot he really was until after he had stood up and applied sun block. He was perfectly tan, with dark brown hair. He became our eye candy for the day and all of us lusted after his hot bod. He had a perfect bubble butt and cute package to accompany it. He was not overly muscular or too skinny, as Goldiecocks would say, "He was just right!"

As he laid on his stomach I said, "Oh I want to motorboat that ass so badly."

While Kevin was sticking out his long pointy tongue he said, "I just wanna lick his insides! I think I'm in love."

Even Bobby, Benjamin and Haley wanted a piece of that cake. I was sure the guy knew we were checking him out too. He applied sunblock a lot and very slowly. I think he enjoyed the attention. Our eyes mentally penetrating that perfect bottom.

“You know he kinda looks like Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars,” Kevin announced.

“Yeah I can see the resemblance,” I said as I glanced over in the speedo-clad direction trying not to be too obvious. I took a few creeper photos of him with my phone and as the Ezra lookalike turned his head in my direction, I quickly looked away. 

“You almost got busted,” Benjamin laughed. He actually managed to look away from his book for five minutes to see what all the fuss was about. 

Our eye candy while still on his back reached his hands behind him and lifted up his speedo a little bit adjusting himself. He stuck his hands inside the black speedo and cupped his balls. 

“Jesus Christ,” Kevin exclaimed as he mentally probed him with his eyes.

The Ezra lookalike pulled his hand out and looked over in our direction. Kevin had forgotten that voices carry on the beach. Ezra flipped over on his stomach, reached his hands behind himself and tugged his speedo away from his perfectly shaped ass. 

In almost perfect unanimity we all said, “That’s hot!”

“I want to frost that cake," Kevin announced loudly. Ezra clearly heard and smiled over at him. 

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