July 15, 2013


People always say, “A change will do you good” and most times they are right. Change your diet, change your appearance, change your attitude, change your career, and change your dirty underwear. Especially that last one, unless you are into dirty jockstraps, which I am sure some of you are. The last couple of months I have been doing things to advance my writing career and I am writing this little blog post now to share all the exciting news with my readers.

My blog post trilogy, 4 Gay Guys, 3 Straight Girls & a Beach House is being published in e-book format hopefully before the end of September. It is called Salty Aftertaste.
The book will be available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers. I am so ecstatic and cannot wait to have it out there for people to view! I am currently in the process of rewriting, formatting and editing the three parts. It is very different from the original blog posts, with added dialogue, added drama, and a new ending. If you were a fan of the original story, you will love this. It is written how it should have been in the first place, but would have been too long for a blog.

In conjunction with a new book, comes a new author website. Check out my new website: JasonLloydBooks.com. My excerpt for Salty Aftertaste is posted on their and the closer I get to the book launch, I will publish a sample chapter on here for you to read. As you can see, Queer Dirty Laundry blog and my personal author site are linked together. I will still use the Queer Dirty Laundry blog to post news, events, and small posts and of course blog posts other people have submitted. Feel free to send me stuff.

I just wanted to say thank you to all my fans and everyone that has believed in me. It has always been a dream of mine to have something I have written published. I appreciate all the advice and all the support. Salty Aftertaste is just the beginning! I have at least two other books planned after that one. There is a lot of dirty laundry to air out. This adventure is just beginning.
Jason Lloyd