October 10, 2013

Salty Aftertaste Teaser


My book Salty Aftertaste is now available in Ebook and Print editions! As a little teaser, I decided to create a blog post with some of my favorite quotes from the book and some sexy pictures for your enjoyment. Thank you everyone for all the support! This whole thing has been really surreal. If you purchased Salty Aftertaste let me know how you like it.

"I looked like I jerked off everyone on the beach."
"I knew why our small circle of friends nicknamed him 'Coke Can.'"
"Benjamin went from pounding vaginas, to being pounded up the ass."
"The whole thing felt like it was out of a scary movie. Like I Know Who You Fucked Last Summer, starring Jennifer Love Hugetits!"
"Look at all the sexy daddies!"
"Too old to be considered a twink, not hairy enough to be a bear; a twank, perhaps?"

"His body glistened in the sunlight as if he was just at a bukkake orgy."
"The green-eyed monster is awful; I prefer the ole one-eyed monster instead."

"You'll get jizz all over it!"
"It's vacation and I could use a good facial."
"If he can do that around your finger can you just imagine what he can do to your dick!?"
"I wanted to play peek a boo with his foreskin."
"Lick his ass? Toss his salad? Rim his slop hole? Eat his pooper? Stick it in his shit pipe?" 
"Are you sure you didn't mean to say, 'Breed me?'"

"He's my favorite!"
"We dry humped like middle schoolers."

"My boy taint is sandy!"
"As rare as true love actually is, true friendship is still harder to find."

"Um, nice pickle."

"He was completely spent and let out a sigh of gratification."

What people are saying about the book, 

Salty Aftertaste by Jason Lloyd

"Oh my god Chapter 22 is hot!"
"Loved, loved, loved it!"
"Loved the scene in the last chapter with the two main characters, swoon!"
"So funny!"
"I laughed, I felt sad, and I cringed a little."
"I learned a lot about gay sex."
"Very witty and a fun read!"
"I'm reading Chapter 22 Passion and I can't put it down!"
"I laughed... a lot!"
"Very hot!"
"Loved the characters! They are all crazy!"

For information on where you can purchase Salty Aftertaste and view free samples, please visit: JasonLloydbooks.com