April 13, 2011

Question: Are Paper Bags In Style?

Is it more important for your potential partner to have a gorgeous fit body with a "Butta Face?" OR a handsome face with a body that looks like he ate to much butter? Looks aren't everything, but everyone has to be attracted to the person they are with whether it's just a trick or a future husband. What if "Great Bod Guy" and "Great Face Guy" had the same type of personality would it make your decision change? So which one is most important to you? Is it more important for the guy to be built like a brick shit house, but has a face like Sherk? (This is what paper bags are for) Or for the guy to have a "Prince Charming" kind of face, but has so many spare tires you don't know if he coming or going? (Hello Jenny Craig!)
I know most people will say they want the guy with the handsome face and poorly shaped body, but what if the guy's body looked like the picture below? Oh and for you size queens out there we'll throw in he has a 9 incher as well.

Please submit your answers in the comment box.