April 28, 2011

Question: Were We Born This Way?

I recently was flipping through the channels on TV and I came across the Dr. Drew show. His topic was about religious groups that gay people join to pretty much "pray the gay out of them." Dr. Drew had this one guy on whom joined a group to overcome his gay lifestyle. He said now he is 100% straight. This religious cult guy spoke as if being gay was a type disease or some sort of phase instead of a lifestyle. He made it sound like if you were committed to change and prayed hard enough you to could love the vagina. Sounds like denial to me!
My question this week is; Do you feel you were truly born this way? Do you think this type of "reform" is possible? And let's just say hypothetically, if being gay was a disease and scientists had a cure, would you take the magic pill that made you love pooter?
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