May 5, 2011

Question: Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

Star crossed lovers, the long distance relationship. I've had a couple long distance relationships and they always start out great, but they fizzled out. It wasn't because we didn't care about each other, it just got more and more difficult and ultimately they weren't right for me anyways. I always seem to attract the guys from other states, other countries and sometimes it feels like another planet. (It's probing time!) I do like guys from other areas, the fantasy about being with someone far away is enticing. It's kind of like a fairytale or cheesy chick flick. I always feel like I'm over looked in my area, but as soon as I'm taken out of it I have better luck. I don't know why that is. I guess that's why I always attract these guys that live further away.
My question this week is; Do long distance relationships really work or does someone have to eventually move? In the gay world where it almost feels like promiscuousness is rewarded, it is really possible for a long distance thing to work or are they just doomed from the start?
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