August 29, 2011

Question: Is My City Slutty?

I read an article online on a gay website about America's sluttiest cities for gay men. The study was based on cities that had the most singles online that were looking for casual sex. It is said that 44% of adults have had a one-night stand and even more engage in casual sex. "If you're single, horny, and thinking about moving (or just a fun visit), you might want to consider Pittsburgh, Seattle, or Portland—and not because of American history, great coffee or indie music. According to a popular free online dating site open to straight, gay, and bi users, those are the top cities in the U.S. where people are seeking casual sex."

I was very surprised that the top ten promiscuous cities didn't include: Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia has one of the highest STD rates in the country! I guess more people there don't say they are looking for casual sex they must use the term "dating" and change partners like they do their underwear. STDs aren't Pokemon people, you're not supposed to catch em all.

One website "awarded the cities by the percentage of users who list 'Casual Sex' as one of the relationship types they seek (and then correlated that back to where said naughty user is from)."
The complete top ten list of the sluttiest cities in America (drum roll please!)
10. Houston, Texas- Everything is suppose to be bigger in Texas.
9. San Diego, California- Come see the zoo and then fuck like monkeys.
8. Denver, Colorado- This city is nicknamed "The Mile-High City" (about a mile above sea level) Maybe the higher elevation makes people hornier.
7. San Bernardino, California- Has anyone outside of California even heard of San Bernadino?
6. Dallas, Texas- Apparently "save a horse, ride a cowboy" is an activity Texans use since Texas is the second sluttiest state on this list.
5. San Francisco, California- This actually is no surprise with their huge gay population. Everyone is looking for that "San Francisco treat" or is it trick? California is on this list 3 times! Apparently it's the sluttiest of all states!
4. Miami, Florida- with those barely there swimsuits and those bodies I'd be shocked if this wasn't on the list! Tan cum gutters.
3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- PA is actually my state. I am shocked to see Pittsburg on this list and number 3! I would have thought that Philadelphia would have beaten Pittsburg. I have been to Pittsburg a few times. In fact back in the day I went to my very first gay bar there called Pegasus. I got hit on a lot. Hmmm.
2. Seattle, Washington- I guess since it rains a lot the only thing left to do is get it on?
1. Portland, Oregon- I've heard the state of Oregon is very beautiful maybe the scenery is what puts people in the mood. They must greet people with handy-Js since this is number 1!

Question: The singles in these cities apparently are willing to help a guy in need! Now that you know which cities are the sluttiest where are you from? Would you ever visit any of the cities listed above? If you've been to the cities listed above what was your experience while you were there?
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