October 19, 2011

Question: What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

He tugged on the leash like a poor animal tugging on it's tether with no place to go. Perhaps the collar I placed around his neck was too tight. Oh well. In the deepest voice I could possibly muster, I yanked on the restraint hard and yelled, “Come here, Meat!” Richard followed me as I held onto his leash and guided him through the crowd of costumes. Ghouls, ghosts, gangsters and a gang of underwear wearing, body painted superheroes filled the room. Out of all the things I have ever been on Halloween this was my absolute favorite. It was my idea to play up the whole slave and master leather look. Because it was so not my personality, I of course was the master, and my fiancĂ© at the time, Richard was the slave.

I actually made my costume from a child's demon costume I found at K-mart. It was perfect. It was a stretchy black pleather shirt with fake chains going across the chest. Of course in gay standards it wasn't sexy enough so I made a few alterations. I cut the sleeves off and the inner lining out. It then looked like a leather vest with holes and that was connected by chains. The skimpy kinky vest was perfect I only hoped it wasn't going to be cold, because I would have no shirt on. I completed my look with a leather whip, handcuffs, and chains I used as a belt. For Richard's costume we again found something on the children's costume rack. Who knew kids costumes could be so dirty? We makeshift a pirate costume into the slave. I again had the task to "gay it up." I cut the sleeves off of the black pirate shirt and cut the collar so more of his chest would show. Because it was a child's costume the pants were ultra tight! They left nothing to the imagination. You could clearly see the vein in his penis. In fact when we were at the party and I accidentally brushed my booty up against his package he started to get a boner. Mission accomplished.

Our slave and master look was the hit of the party. Especially when I kept yanking on Richard's leash yelling, “Get over here Meat!” (it seemed the only time he ever listened to me was in bondage) and smacking his ass with the whip. When we got home we continued to play the slave and master roles. I remember sex being extremely fun that night. I kept my master costume (still have it) but Richard's pants got all ripped up somehow hmmm...

Halloween is like a gay holy holiday! It lets homos (and anyone) be someone or something else for the night. You can be as quirky or as sexy as you want to be. You can embrace your secret desire to dress in drag, or wear an outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination! Some may say that spandex is a privilege not a right. But so what if you're 100 pounds overweight, you wear that skin tight Richard Simmons leotard and pretend you're sweating to the 80's! There's no “Honey, What's going on here, what's happening, what is this?” judgement. Halloween is the only holiday you get a "free pass" for your fashion decisions.

Over the years I have been many different things for Halloween:
Hugh Hefner (with bunny slippers, a pipe and leopard print robe.)
Pimp (James dressed as a woman, he was my whore. Didn't look too bad either. I tried to grow chest hair for this costume, but it didn't work. Haha!!)
Slutty cowboy (complete with chaps and underwear that said, “Saddle up!” I remember it being freezing that night, so a friend had a fun task of warming up my buns.)
Bad kitty (My ex manager used to call me "bad kitty" so I went to work in costume. I was meowing and spitting.)
Devil (skin tight red paints and red body paint. I wore this when I go-go danced. Guys played with my tail.)
S&M Master (Chains, and whips, and handcuffs oh my.)
Dog Trainer (Kevin went as my dog and I told people I worked at "Bone Commander Training School For Your Little Dog" Kevin's name was Piddles. He wasn't housebroken yet.)

Every year I'm invited to at least 5 gay Halloween parties, but I usually can only make 2. It's really a popular holiday for us mo's. We love the creative, dressing up, sexy fun of it. Oh and of course most hosts go all out with booze, food and decor. Gotta have a little treat with your trick, right?

***Question: So what are you planning on being this year for Halloween? What was the craziest costume you ever wore? And do you prefer to make your own costume or buy it already made?

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