January 25, 2012

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days By Bobby Bunny

Hey guys, you all know me from the Queer Dirty Laundry Blog as Bobby Bunny. I wanted to write a guest post about my experience of going on a juice fast for 10 days. A few months ago I saw a documentary about a man from Australia who was very over weight and has some autoimmune disorders that made him have to take steroids daily to cope with his illness. He was so tired of feeling the way he did and taking these pills on a daily basis he had a radical idea; he thought that he would give his body a chance to heal itself without medical intervention by just supplying himself with an abundance of vitamins and nutrients nature intended all of us to have from all kinds of fruits and vegetables. So he decided to go on a 2 month juice fast. Yes let me say that again a 2 MONTH JUICE FAST! Sounds a little extreme for the average person, right? Well let's remember he wasn't average; he needed a huge health makeover or a "detox". Watching his transformation along the way in the documentary was so inspiring I decided to do my own version of a juice fast. If you want to check out the documentary it's called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead."
​I don't consider myself over weight, but let's just say I wouldn't be upset if I lost a few pounds. I bought a good quality juicer, and decided to go on a 10 day juice fast. Meaning that for 10 days I would ingest nothing but juice from raw fruits and vegetables I bought from the produce department ("baby batter" doesn't count, because yes, some guy on Grindr asked the question). I was intrigued with the idea of weight loss (of course) but even if that wasn't a side effect I think I still would have done it for the overall health benefits of it!

The theory goes like this, (and after living it I can say it's not just a theory it's a fact) when on a juice fast you are supplying your body with amazing nutrients that are absorbed immediately into the body and your body doesn't have to do any work to digest them. Since your body isn't spending any energy on digesting all the food (healthy and processed) that we eat all day long it gets to put the digestive track to sleep and use all the excess energy in places that may have been over looked previously because we don't have an unlimited amount of energy to work with in terms of healing ourselves. Our body then uses that energy to clean up, heal and rejuvenate our bodies from head to toe. ​I won't lie; juicing can be time consuming and somewhat expensive. You have to go to the store at least once every three days to get fresh fruits and veggies. You must clean them, juice them and then clean the juicer. You juice 3 to 4 times a day. If you're thinking "why not just juice once and have enough for the whole day?" well let me tell you why that isn't a good idea. Once you juice, the living enzymes in the juice are now in direct contact with air and beginning to oxygenate (when apples turn brown after being cut, that's oxidation). You want to have those living enzymes in your system when as many are alive as possible. That's why it's highly recommended to drink the juice immediately. Even though its time consuming you will find you get used to the idea quickly and you aren't spending any time cooking or thinking of where you want to go to eat that night; it pretty much all equals out. I created 2 recipes of my own that I used on my fast. In the morning I made a fresh blend of 2 granny smith apples and 2 pears (delicious!) and for the other three meals I created a concoction of 2 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 2 large handfuls of spinach (sometimes replaced with kale), 4 stalks of celery, a lemon (without the rind) and a small piece of ginger root. I called this the "Green Queen."

​I began my fast with a positive attitude and motivation to do something healthy for myself. I had some doubts though because I have no will power when it comes to food (or so I thought). Day 1 went alright but day 2 hit me like a truck! The entire day I had a constant headache, I was tired, HUNGRY, and had a dull ringing in my ears. I remember thinking that I would just stop if this continued another day! When I woke up on day 3 I felt the same way, but I stuck with it. After drinking my lunch on day 3 within a half an hour it was like someone waved a magic wand! All the symptoms from day 2 just vanished! I felt great and so light on my feet. After day 3 it was pretty much smooth sailing. I was hungry but not starving, I will admit I did get bored with the same juice all the time so I would treat myself every so often with some more fruit juices (like pineapple!) just to mix it up.

​A few things I noticed while on my fast. I slept great. I was able to concentrate on work better. I felt light and as long as I didn't smell food I was very content hunger wise. I felt like I had more spare time. I went for 10 entire days without so much as a Tic Tac and never feeling bloated or guilty for bingeing. I dropped 10 lbs. in 10 days which also made me feel awesome. From what I saw on the documentary and from others who had done this on YouTube that seems to be the average amount of weight loss, meaning 1 lb. per day. Lastly (and this is going to get personal) I had the most intense orgasms ever! It was like a huge head rush! ​It's definitely a commitment and people will think you're crazy. I was called crazy, health obsessed, unhealthy, impractical and my personal favorite, while at a club after hearing I was on a detox someone I was there with said "you're an idiot" with a putrid look on his face without even bothering to ask why I was doing it or how I was going about it before judging me! People don't like what they don't understand and even with something like this that affects no one but you they still try and control the situation. I honestly urge anyone who wants a jump start into a healthier lifestyle and/or a quick boost in some weight loss to try this for 10 days. You will not regret it! I know I haven't.

If anyone has any questions about how to go about juicing, needs more details on the amount of veggies and fruit I juiced or any questions about this process in general definitely shoot me an email at bbunny2287@gmail.com. You can also follow me on twitter @BobbyBunny87. -Written by: Bobby Bunny

I am glad to see Bobby juiced something other than his cock. I wonder if all those veggies and fruits made his semen taste sweet? Hmm. Although Bobby looks fabulous, all tight in the right places and skin that is glowing as if he had an abundance of cum facials, he isn't a nutritionist or a doctor. Before starting a new nutrition plan or any diet please consult a professional. Individual results of course will vary. Everyone's body is different.