February 24, 2012

Question: Is Monogamy A Bad Word?

Are we all relationship handicapped or are we just whores? Monogamy is a scary 8 letter word to some people. They treat it as if it's some type of STD that has been caught. Why is monogamy so elusive in today's gay society? We are fighting every day for equal rights and we are fighting for our right to marry, but what's the point if we aren't faithful to one another?

Monogamy isn't just a gay issue it's a people issue. The straight society between all the divorces and affairs, has a hard time grasping this monogamous concept. But it just seems as if gay relationships have a standard rule; thou can covet another's ass. Out of all the gay couples I know there's only a handful that are 100% monogamous. Why is this so accepting among gay men? Lack of blood to the brain due to increase stiffness in lower regions?? See, the problem is we were given a brain and a penis. There's only enough blood to run one at a time. Show us a hot guy and you can pretty much assume which one we will be thinking with. Most people stray or want open relationships because they're paying more attention to what they're missing, rather than what they already have.
Every relationship should have their own set of rules. What works for one couple may not work for another. To each their own, but can all the open relationships, playing around with another guy together, and hidden hook ups behind the K-mart really work? If you are so happy with your partner then why do you have to invite every Tom, Dick, and hairy Jose into your bedroom?
Question: Do you think monogamy will become extinct in the future? With all the gay marriages and now with more states getting onboard with gay marriage, will more gay couples be monogamous? What are your thoughts on monogamy? Click on the blue comment link below to leave a comment.

Results of poll: Are You In A Monogamous Relationship?

-19% said yes they are in a very happy monogamous relationship.
-9% said they are in a monogamous relationship but would be open to explore others sexually with their partners.
-61% said they are not in a monogamous relationship but hope someday that they will be.
-4% said that monogamy is not for them and that they feel it's something that the straight society wants us to conform too.